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04/01/2024 No. 202
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Articles & Comments
Why the West sees China as a threat
By Teow Loon Ti
April 1, 2024 99 reads
Since the late 15th Century until the mid-20th Century the West, through its technological and hence military superiority has been able to project to the rest of the world the image of a rich, militarily powerful and far better educated civilisation. The rest of the world were quite easily subjugated with few exceptions through colonisation and the conscious projection of the image of superiority. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Podcast: The Tragedy of Gaza
By John Menadue and Margaret Reynolds
April 1, 2024 41 reads
John Menadue, Editor-in-Chief of Pearls and Irritations interviews former Australian Senator Margaret Reynolds on the role of the United Nations, Australian foreign policy and the tragedy unfolding in Gaza. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Stable Sino-US ties need of the hour
By Zhang Wenzong
April 1, 2024 41 reads
This year marks the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. Over the years, the two countries have experienced various forms of engagement, cooperation and competition, leading to evolving mutual understanding. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
‘We’re being sold a false choice on war’
By Sue Wareham
March 1, 2024 220 reads
Australia has just taken another step, as part of the AUKUS agreement with the US and the UK, that is leading us towards an event that should be unthinkable – involvement in a major war against China. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Towards an unliveable planet: Climate's 2023 annus horribilis
By David Spratt and Ian Dunlop
March 1, 2024 93 reads
The heat and extreme climate records of 2023 shocked scientists. So where are we heading? Given current trends, the world will zoom past 2°C of warming and the Paris climate goal of limiting warming to 1.5-2°C 【Full Story】 【Comments】
America on autopilot to self-inflicted destruction
By George Koo
March 1, 2024 81 reads
At a recent hearing in the US Senate, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas apparently had trouble understanding that a citizen of Singapore can look like a Chinese, talk like a Chinese and yet not be a member of the Communist Party of China. In Cotton’s questioning of Chew Shou Zi, the chief executive of TikTok, even the fact that Chew’s wife and children are American citizens seemed suspicious to him. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why isn’t China a Democracy?
By John F. Coppe
February 1, 2024 201 reads
U.S. President Joe Biden, the Western media, and American academics seek to rally Western democracies against China, allegedly the leader of the world’s authoritarian countries. They charged that China is not democratic. Is this charge true? How so? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
American Exceptionalism: Inequality in the US and Why It Matters
By Tim Koechlin
February 1, 2024 105 reads
The United States is, by every reasonable measure, the most unequal of the world’s rich countries and, for more than four decades, it’s been getting worse. After too many years of inaction and complicity, a growing number of Democrats seem to get it. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Want to live longer? Influence your genes
By Michael F. Roizen
February 1, 2024 94 reads
Take a moment to visualize your favorite place in the world that requires you to walk up an incline. Maybe it’s the Spanish Steps in Rome or the Potala Palace in Tibet. Or maybe it’s a serene hill in your local park. Or the top row of your favorite team’s stadium. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Will BRI change the world as much as the old Silk Road did?
By Joshua Cheung
January 1, 2024 196 reads
THE ORIGINAL SILK ROAD quietly crept into existence over many years, but ended up transforming much of the world. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Henry Kissinger has died. The titan of US foreign policy changed the world, for better or worse
By Lester Munson
January 1, 2024 99 reads
Henry Kissinger was the ultimate champion of the United States?foreign policy battles. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Doctors Without Borders Tells Key UN Body to Stop 'Absolute Horror' in Gaza
By Jake Johnson
January 1, 2024 97 reads
The international president of Doctors Without Borders on Monday pleaded with members of the United Nations Security Council to do everything in their power to halt the Israeli military's expanding assault on the Gaza Strip, which has killed爉ore than 15,000 people爄n less than two months and decimated the territory's healthcare system. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Biden-Xi in a Helf-Hearted Rapprochement
By William Pesek
December 1, 2023 206 reads
The polite way to characterize Joe Biden’s meeting with Xi Jinping is that it cleared a rather low expectations bar but failed to achieve any new heights for the globe’s most important relationship. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
‘Clash of civilizations’ not inevitable in Sino-US ties
By Andrew KP Leung
December 1, 2023 112 reads
The “Clash of Civilizations” thesis was first proposed by American political scientist Samuel Huntington in a 1992 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington DC. In response to his former student Francis Fukuyama’s much-acclaimed book of the same year 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Political scientist Ian Bremmer on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
By Big Think
December 1, 2023 107 reads
What’s happening in Gaza and why? And how did we get here? Political scientist Ian Bremmer joins Big Think’s Editor-in-Chief, Robert Chapman-Smith, to discuss the historical and political context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
“Containing China” is Making America Weaker | George Koo Interview
By Cyrus Janssen
November 1, 2022 234 reads
The US wants to contain China. Is it possible? Can the US decouple from America? I welcome George Koo, an expert on US/China relations to share his thoughts on these important questions. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Lee Kuan Yew’s unique legacy: Lessons in leadership and humility
By Christopher Tang
November 1, 2023 151 reads
Many buildings in countless university campuses in most parts of the world are named after wealthy donors, especially in Hong Kong and Singapore. However, the former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) wanted his house demolished. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Two-Thirds of American Voters Want US to Back Cease-Fire in Gaza
By Jake Johnson
November 1, 2023 152 reads
Most members of the U.S. Congress have thus far refused to support a cease-fire in Gaza as Israel's siege and airstrikes inflict horrific damage on the occupied territory. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Contrasting trends in military recruitment between the U.S. and China
By Henry Chan
October 1, 2023 226 reads
The US and China are at the forefront of new AI-imbued military technology development, and are the world’s undoubted leading military powers. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
World would benefit if the West were open to greater scientific collaboration
By Quentin Parker
October 1, 2023 126 reads
The joint 4th World Photonics Conference and 12th Applied Optics and Photonics China (AOPC) 2023 meeting was held last month at the China National Convention Center within Beijing Olympic Park. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Will US use Taiwan to start a proxy war?
By Lau Siu-kai
October 1, 2023 165 reads
Many commentators define the Russia-Ukraine conflict as a proxy war instigated by the United States against Russia. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
We need an Earth System Treaty to save civilisation. And we need it now
By Julian Cribb
September 1, 2023 214 reads
At present the Earth system is breaking down, due to爐en massive threats爐hat are the direct result of human activity, our excessive numbers, over-consumption and over-pollution. There is no universal plan to prevent and reverse such a catastrophic event ?or even talks on a world agreement to do so. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
CLUB LUNCH - "A Lunch with Former Singaporean Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo"
By The Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong
September 1, 2023 149 reads
Musings presents a collection of conversations between former Singaporean Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo and writer Woon Tai Ho and research assistant Keith Yap. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Slow, Bumpy Road of U.S.-China Diplomacy
By Paul Heer
September 1, 2023 168 reads
Washington should be looking for ways to draw Beijing into a serious pursuit of peaceful coexistence—as cooperative as it is competitive—rather than a diplomatic game of recrimination and one-upmanship. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Competing with the US and the West for discourse power
By Lau Siu-kai
August 1, 2023 231 reads
For a long time in the future, in the increasingly fierce and implacable competition between China on one side and the United States and the West on the other, the competition for global discourse power will be the decisive battlefield between them. And who can defeat the enemy on this battlefield will determine to a considerable extent which country will be the final winner in this strategic game related to the world’s future. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The United States faces a critical choice
By Kishore Mahbubani
August 1, 2023 186 reads
Washington today lacks “sophisticated, long-term thinking on geopolitical issues,” said Kishore Mahbubani, Singaporean political scientist and distinguished fellow at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
VOX - The true story behind Oppenheimer's atomic test - and how it just might have ended the world
By Kelsey Piper
August 1, 2023 162 reads
In one trailer Oppenheimer, the movie about the making of the atomic bomb releasing on Friday, Maj. Gen. Leslie Groves (Matt Damon) asks Manhattan Project leader J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy): "are we saying there's a chance that when we push that button we destroy the world?" 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Next Global Superpower Isn't Who You Think | Ian Bremmer | TED
July 1, 2023 293 reads
Who runs the world? Political scientist Ian Bremmer argues it's not as simple as it used to be. With some eye-opening questions about the nature of leadership, he asks us to consider the impact of the evolving global order and our choices as participants in the future of democracy. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Biden’s contrasting styles and priorities: The Biden administration has concentrated virtually all its efforts on keeping China from rising, to no avail
By George Koo
July 1, 2023 192 reads
For weeks, US President Joe Biden publicly demanded that the issue of raising the debt ceiling was a done deal and not negotiable. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Coexistence: The only realist path to peace
By Stephen M. Walt
July 1, 2023 173 reads
The United States and its Asian partners want to maintain a balance of power in the Indo-Pacific, ostensibly to prevent China from becoming a “regional hegemon” there. They worry that Beijing will gradually persuade its neighbours to distance themselves from the United States, accept Chinese primacy, and defer to Beijing’s wishes on key foreign policy issues. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
New war tech — changing winners and losers
By Henry Chan
June 1, 2023 254 reads
NEW technologies in the industrial revolution era changed the military power equation. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Jeffrey Sachs on China's "Historic" Push for Multipolar World to End U.S. Domination
By Democracy Now!
June 1, 2023 174 reads
China is taking an increasingly assertive role in world affairs, helping to broker a restoration of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, offering a 12-point peace plan for Ukraine, and strengthening its relationships with European and Latin American powers. Last week, China continued its diplomatic outreach by offering to hold talks between 【Full Story】 【Comments】
What does it mean for India to overtake China?
By George Koo
June 1, 2023 184 reads
As India is about to overtake China to become the most populous in the world, The New York Times promises a future series of articles speculating on how India might change the world as China has in the last 40-plus years. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
We are being seduced into war again by the US, this time over Taiwan
By John Menadu
May 1, 2023 302 reads
After Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan the signs of our entrapment again in US war planning are everywhere. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
George Koo on the Historic Significance of the Xi-Putin Summit & impact on changing New World Order
By Activist News Network
May 1, 2023 216 reads
On March 25, 2023, Dr. George Koo joins the show to discuss the Historic Significance of the Xi-Putin Summit & the impact on changing New World Order. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Henry Chan: Adieu to Modern Monetary Theory--Ending Illusory Unlimited Government Q.E. Power Takes Skill and Luck
By Henry Chan
May 1, 2023 198 reads
The September financial market worldwide experienced one of the most volatile months since the Covid lockdown of March 2020. The U.S. dollar exchange rate surged more than 5% based on DXY, and the S&P index dropped more than 5% until September 27. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Saudi-Iran deal marks China’s role as global power broker: Historic pact won’t bring peace to Middle East but does herald China’s emergence as region’s dominant external actor
By Simon Mabon
April 1, 2023 276 reads
After more than four decades as seemingly implacable enemies on either side of a deep political-religious divide in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to restore diplomatic relations and reopen embassies. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Breaking up is hard to do: US-China trade and investment grow despite tensions
By Yuhan Zhang
April 1, 2023 223 reads
The talk is of decoupling, but the figures and expansion plans by McDonald’s, Starbucks and Ralph Lauren tell a different story. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why Ukraine may embrace China’s peace plan: Recent private conference of top US foreign policy experts saw Ukraine at risk of losing a war of attrition despite West’s best efforts
By Spengler
April 1, 2023 247 reads
A gloomy assessment of Ukraine’s prospects for victory against Russia emerged from a recent private gathering of former top US soldiers, intelligence officials and scholars with resumes reaching from the Reagan to the Trump administrations. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
An inflection point in US trade policy: From Trump to Biden, America’s view on free trade is shifting fundamental in the name of national and supply chain security
By William Reinsch
March 1, 2023 304 reads
December 2022 highlighted how much US trade policy has changed in recent years. It is tempting to blame the changes on former US president Donald Trump, whose protectionist views were strongly held and clearly stated. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
East is east, West is west: China and the West are not ‘competitors’
By Teow Loon Ti
March 1, 2023 219 reads
The idea among the Chinese that rulers must have high moral standards and care for the people date from the Zhou Dynasty (1046 – 256 BCE). The Chinese understood it as a “Mandate of Heaven”. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why ‘decoupling’ is a fatally flawed concept: The US and Chinese economies rely on each other, and the people of both nations are the beneficiaries
By George Koo
March 1, 2023 245 reads
A recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek said, "Despite the heated national-security rhetoric in Washington and talk of 'decoupling' in policy circles, the world's top two economies remain firmly intertwined." The article goes on to say that bilateral trade between the US and China for year ending 2022 is likely to be the highest ever recorded. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Can China lead the way on climate reparations?
By David Shearman
February 1, 2023 248 reads
Currently many poor nations are suffering unprecedented floods and storms with thousands homeless, displaced and with their annual crops destroyed. They die from starvation and infections. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Where are China-U.S. relations going? Must watch interview
By Jeffrey Sachs and Wang Guan
February 1, 2023 256 reads
Jeffrey Sachs, director at the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, shares his views with CGTN anchor Wang Guan in an extract reproduced below 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Robotic upside to China’s demographic decline:
By Scott Foster
February 1, 2023 277 reads
China’s population has started to decline and this has set off a Pavlovian negative reaction – via the news media – of the sort that we have seen before in the case of Japan. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Taiwan backs Chiang Kai-shek’s great grandson in push for peace with Beijing
By Gregory Clark
January 1, 2023 292 reads
Remarkably, the winner in the key election for the Taiwan capital, Taipei, was none other than Chiang Wan-an, the great grandson of Chiang Kai-shek, the defeated KMT leader in 1949. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Jiang Zemin propelled China’s economic rise:He left his successors to deal with the massive inequality that followed
By Edward Cunningham
January 1, 2023 261 reads
By the summer of 1989, a series of problems threatened China’s stability. Soaring inflation was undermining the economy at home while the violent suppression of Tiananmen Square demonstrations had left it largely a pariah state abroad. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
What the US nuclear fusion ‘breakthrough’ actually means: For now, result means more to the scientific community than it probably does for those pining for a new commercial electricity alternative
By Nathan Garland
January 1, 2023 248 reads
For the first time, scientists in the US have confirmed a fusion energy experiment achieved net gain. This means releasing more energy than it takes to initiate, demonstrating the physical basis for producing fusion energy in a controlled way. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
We are witnessing the start of a gigantic schism between China and the West
December 1, 2022 304 reads
Apple is no stranger to smartphone problems. Customer complaints range from a frozen screen to a quick battery drain 【Full Story】 【Comments】
American World Order in Trouble - 10 Recent News: Events around the globe portend the dramatic weakening of American hegemony
By S. L. Kanthan
December 1, 2022 335 reads
Geopolitics is undergoing tectonic changes, which augur an emerging new world order that will be extremely disruptive to the American unipolar hegemony of the last thirty years. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Biden’s next two years look bleak: The Democratic Party has survived, but the White House remains mired in a failed foreign policy
By George Koo
December 1, 2022 296 reads
Despite going into the midterm elections with under 40% popular approval, US President Joe Biden appears to have survived the outcome, avoiding the mortal wound historically associated with a lame duck in the White House. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
“Containing China” is Making America Weaker | George Koo Interview
By Cyrus Janssen
November 1, 2022 315 reads
The US wants to contain China. Is it possible? Can the US decouple from America? I welcome George Koo, an expert on US/China relations to share his thoughts on these important questions. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Defence Strategic Review: The US Taiwan Policy Act would be a game-changing act of provocation
By Mike Scrafton
November 1, 2022 307 reads
The Australian government, perhaps initially through the DSR, must explain clearly to the Australian public what cost it is prepared to pay as a tool of American policy, or how it intends to maintain its sovereignty and ensure the security and safety of Australians. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China chip ban a US exercise in extreme self-harm
By David P. Goldman
November 1, 2022 403 reads
NEW YORK – The Biden administration’s unprecedented package of bans on chip and chip equipment sales to China announced on October 7 could not have come at a worse moment for the global semiconductor industry. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Is China Expansionist?
By Kishore Mahbubani
October 1, 2022 344 reads
China’s emergence as a great power has prompted many fears that it will start to become aggressive and militaristic. But while European powers have acted this way historically, China’s own long history tells us that it wields power in a very different manner. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Race to hike rates guarantees global recession
By William Pesek
October 1, 2022 348 reads
TOKYO -- Punchbowls everywhere are becoming endangered species as central bankers scramble to yank them away with increasing urgency. Nowhere more so than here in Asia. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How to save the global free trade order: US-China trade war has greatly undermined the rules-based international trading system for narrow political purposes
By Shujiro Urata
October 1, 2022 353 reads
The world faces unprecedented and difficult challenges, including US-China rivalry, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and supply chain disruptions. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Is the West Triumphant Again?
By Kishore Mahbubani
September 1, 2022 334 reads
Even if the Russian invasion of Ukraine fails completely, the West will still have to deal with a messy world. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Questions arise as global economy faces transition
By Michael Spence
September 1, 2022 349 reads
Recent conversations about the global economy and markets have been defined by a set of recurring questions. While there are many moving parts that are difficult to capture in a single clear picture, it is worth attempting to bring some of the biggest issues into better focus. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Damage from Pelosi's Asia tour awaits final tally: Besides worsening US and Taiwanese relations with China, her trip made the semiconductor conundrum even more complicated
By George Koo
September 1, 2022 352 reads
Nancy Pelosi came and left. Some in Taiwan called her visit a part of her graduation trip. A tad condescending, perhaps, but they meant it was her last hurrah. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Russia, China, and the Battle for Global Dominance (Video)
By Catherine Ashton, Robert Kagan, Kishore Mahbubani, and Ivo Daalder
August 1, 2022 377 reads
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s economic and military rise signify the emergence of a new geopolitical order. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Super-strong dollar imperils world economy
By Alexander Tziamalis and Yuan Wang
August 1, 2022 377 reads
The US dollar has been on a major surge against major global currencies in the past year, recently hitting levels not seen in 20 years. It has gained 15% against the British pound, 16% against the euro and 23% against the Japanese yen. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Where to next for the human world?
By Bob Douglas
August 1, 2022 408 reads
Our new government is facing a profoundly difficult and complex world situation,with a string of ten catastrophic threats that are bearing down on humans everywhere. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Biden loses the inflation blame game
By David P. Goldman
July 1, 2022 411 reads
There’s no inflation, and if there is inflation it’s temporary and it’s the fault of greedy oil companies or the fault of Vladimir Putin. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Truth Behind Racist Attacks On Asian-Americans
By John F. Copper
July 1, 2022 397 reads
Recently the incidences of racist attacks on Asians in the U.S. have noticeably increased. Why has this happened? Who is responsible? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Weighing America’s ‘repivot’ away from Asia
By Andrew Salmon
July 1, 2022 391 reads
SEOUL – US President Joe Biden last week wrapped up the first Asia tour of his administration with trips to South Korea and Japan, where pro-US governments in both Seoul and Tokyo staunchly reiterated their commitment to their American alliances. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
West vs Russia: reaching point of no return
By Adriel Kasonta
June 1, 2022 392 reads
Economist, academic, author and former Reagan administration official Paul Craig Roberts shares his views on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and whether the so far contained conflict may escalate and spread further into Europe, translating into a direct clash between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Russia. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Huge barriers confront EU’s exit from Russian gas
By Andrew Salmon
June 1, 2022 391 reads
European policymakers’ vow to cut the EU’s dependence on Russian gas by two-thirds this year is feasible, but will be “painful and costly,” said one analyst. While the EU’s dependence on Russian energy imports has been pointed out as a black hole in the West’s sanctions regime – if not outright hypocrisy – the war itself is ironically working as a kind of balancing factor. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Henry Kissinger says Taiwan cannot be at the core of negotiations between the U.S. and China
By Sam Meredith
June 1, 2022 435 reads
Veteran U.S. diplomat Henry Kissinger says Washington and Beijing must seek to avoid putting Taiwan at the center of their tense diplomatic relationship. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How the war in Ukraine could change history: A political scientist on why the fate of the global political order hangs in the balance
By Sean Illing
May 1, 2022 404 reads
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a world-historical event and the effects of it will likely ripple out for years to come. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Difficulty Of Being A Perfect Asian American
By Daniel Shaw
May 1, 2022 445 reads
College admissions makes people do strange things. This was one of the takeaways of the Varsity Blues scandal, in 2019, which uncovered an admissions consultant and a network of coaches and administrators who helped wealthy and famous families essentially bribe their way into selective colleges. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer
By The University of Chicago
May 1, 2022 484 reads
John J. Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor in Political Science and Co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago, assesses the causes of the present Ukraine crisis, the best way to end it, and its consequences for all of the main actors. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The West can accept China’s wealth but not its power
By Howard Debenham
April 1, 2022 407 reads
Why is the West so determined to demonise China? Sure, it may have driven a lot of tough business and trade deals and, sure, it may be competing for influence among the world’s poorest nations — but which rich and powerful nation hasn’t? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Western sanctions on Russia are like none the world has seen: But they may weaken the system they are meant to defend
By The Economist
April 1, 2022 421 reads
America and its allies now face the question of how much further to go with sanctions on Russia, and when. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Putin Needs an Off-Ramp
By Tom McTague
April 1, 2022 438 reads
The question for world leaders is how to ensure the Russian president is defeated while nevertheless providing him with a route out of the crisis. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Get out of the Ukraine mess and avoid nuclear war
By Stephen Bryen
March 1, 2022 427 reads
Beyond all the rhetoric, and the sanctions, Washington had better clear its head and start to think straight. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Xi Jinping and China's Role in a Shifting World - Live Stream
By KAS Media Programme Asia
March 1, 2022 607 reads
The event "Xi Jinping and China's Role in a Shifting World" was live-streamed on the KAS Media Programme Asia's facebook and youtube channels on 22nd of November 2021, 5:00 PM to 7:20 PM SGT. Stefan Aust and Prof. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Did the First Americans Arrive via Land Bridge? This Geneticist Says No.
By Jeremy DeSilva
March 1, 2022 483 reads
It’s Anthropology 101. At the end of the last ice age, around 13,000 years ago, retreating glaciers created an inland corridor connecting Siberia to the Americas. People from northeast Asia crossed the Bering Strait land bridge and entered a new world. From there 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A long march: China's unfinished business on Taiwan reunification
By Teow Loon Ti
February 1, 2022 561 reads
The issue of Taiwan and China reunification has been narrated from a geopolitical perspective, and most arguments do not adequately address the sensitivities of the issue. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Richard Osman: Why visiting China has changed my view of the world
By Richard Osman
February 1, 2022 496 reads
Visiting China didn’t just change the way I look at China – it changed the way I look at the whole world. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
“Noblesse Oblige”: Pearl Buck’s Platonic Conception of Self
By Jennie Wang
February 1, 2022 606 reads
If the Nobel Prize was her crown, after her rise to fame, Pearl Buck did not fail her ―noblesse oblige‖—her social responsibility and public duty, as a writer and public figure on the world stage, guest of the White House, speaker on public mass media, editor and publisher in literary circles, and philanthropist in social welfare. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China trade: the disturbing gap between US rhetoric and reality is emerging
By James Laurenceson
January 1, 2022 492 reads
Almost as soon as Beijing launched a campaign of trade punishment against Australia in May 2020, the instinct of many in Canberra was to reach for support from the US, our “great and powerful friend”. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Will Democracy Summit lead to collaboration or conflict?
By George Koo
January 1, 2022 529 reads
As the self-anointed leader of the “free” world, US President Joe Biden has called a “Summit for Democracy” to take place this week, and leaders of around 110 countries have accepted the invitation to attend – not all rated highly by the Freedom House index, known for measuring countries for their democratic practices. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Has Washington's Policy Toward Taiwan Crossed the Rubicon?
By Paul Heer
January 1, 2022 544 reads
The ground shifted under Washington's policy toward Taiwan on December 8, a shift no less seismic for being subtle and semantic. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China, Taiwan and the US: the real terms of the deal
By Gregory Clark
December 1, 2021 585 reads
The US and China established full diplomatic relations in 1979, but that year the US Congress wrote its own script for Taiwan. Today, what the Chinese side interprets as word games by the US may wreak deadly consequences. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Most SHOCKING Street Reactions of Foreigners living in CHINA!
By Ychina
November 1, 2021 545 reads
Thanks for following us all these years! Without your supports, we couldn't believe we can make this far! 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Finding paths through a bumpy world: Something more tangible must be on the table for the United States and China to perceive commonality of interest
By David P. Goldman
November 1, 2021 567 reads
“Consensus or conflict?” is a hard question to ask in the midst of a trade and technology war between the US and China. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Thoughts on regional geopolitics
By Chinese Community Council of Australia
November 1, 2021 588 reads
The pivoting of American interest from the Middle East to Asia initiated by Obama, has seen the geopolitics playground shifted to the South China Sea. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
20 years, $6 trillion, 900,000 lives:The enormous costs and elusive benefits of the war on terror
By Dylan Matthews
October 1, 2021 542 reads
The “war on terror” is a purposely vague term. President Barack Obama famously rejected it in a 2013 speech — favoring instead “a series of persistent, targeted efforts to dismantle specific networks of violent extremists.” 【Full Story】 【Comments】
There are much greater threats to Australian security than the Chinese military
By Dennis Altman
October 1, 2021 626 reads
There is something oddly outdated in the images of Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison beaming together over the inauguration of the AUKUS partnership. To many people in the region this must look like a return to the colonial era, a reprisal of the “white man’s burden” in face of a rapidly shifting balance of power. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
With US democracy under threat from within, AUKUS puts Australia in danger
By Lucy Hamilton
October 1, 2021 650 reads
With the AUKUS treaty, Australia may have hitched its fate to a nation soon to be led by people who make Trump seem competent. Britain and Australia's democracies are under threat; America's future is in dire peril. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Xinjiang: what the West doesn’t tell you about China’s war on terror
By Weijian Shan
June 1, 2021 1089 reads
In 2002, the US and the UN both declared a Uygur militant group a terrorist organisation. The US then considered China a partner in the war on terror. When the Trump administration delisted the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, it allowed the West to frame China’s anti-terror measures as ethnic persecution. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Was Trump Right or Wrong on China? Biden’s Answer Will Shape the Future
By Kishore Mahbubani
May 1, 2021 705 reads
THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION that US President Joe Biden’s administration needs to ask in formulating its China policy is a simple one: was Donald Trump right or wrong on China? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China Doesn't Respect Us Anymore — for Good Reason: We've stopped following our formula for success
By Thomas L. Friedman
May 1, 2021 665 reads
Sometimes a comedian cuts through foreign policy issues better than any diplomat. Bill Maher did that the other week with an epic rant on U.S.-China relations, nailing the most troubling contrast between the two countries: China can still get big things done. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The US risks forcing China’s hand on Taiwan
By Wang Xiangwei
May 1, 2021 595 reads
The US has in recent weeks increased its official contact with Taipei and ramped up activities in the Taiwan Strait. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
American overreach in Anchorage points to conflict with China
By Hugh White
April 1, 2021 739 reads
America’s new Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, seemed surprised by the tough talk from his Chinese counterparts when they met in Anchorage last week. He shouldn’t have been, because they were responding in an entirely predictable way to his words just moments before. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
For Asian-Americans, Atlanta shooting sows fresh fear after a year of mounting discrimination
By Rich McKay and Gabriella Borter
April 1, 2021 658 reads
Before the COVID-19 pandemic began last year, Kyung Cho noticed people sometimes gave him odd looks or asked if he spoke English. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US-China struggle is unlike the old Cold War
By MK Bhadrakumar
April 1, 2021 652 reads
America's sense of crisis vis-a-vis China stems from its fundamental decline in comprehensive competitiveness. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Can the US-China relationship ever go back to the pre-Donald Trump days?
By Shi Jiangtao and Jane Cai
August 1, 2020 602 reads
Observers are pessimistic about where bilateral ties are headed after this week’s escalation of tensions. Beijing and Washington have entered their most unpredictable period since the 1970s. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
An open letter to the president of the United States
By Grenville Cross
August 1, 2020 626 reads
In these very difficult times, people of goodwill around the world, including in Hong Kong, will wish you well as you try to guide the United States back to normality. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
West’s criticism of national security law exposes its own flawed system of ‘liberal democracy’
By Dabing Li
August 1, 2020 587 reads
US leaders have been quick to bash China rather than cure their own ills, from record numbers of Covid-19 infections to high unemployment and fiscal profligacy. The national security law has now become a convenient scapegoat. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why US-China decoupling is a dangerous mistake and tantamount to self-harm
By David Dodwell
July 1, 2020 772 reads
The World Bank expects Covid-19 to impact commodities like oil and platinum, and even the Opec cartel itself. Its report shows how central China is to commodity trade, and why the US would inflict more harm on itself by decoupling 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Columbus statue beheaded amid anti-racism protests
By Agence France Presse
July 1, 2020 714 reads
and another was dragged into a lake earlier in the week in Richmond, Virginia, according to local reports. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
In the US, China-bashing is rooted in myths of Western superiority
By Martin Powers
July 1, 2020 748 reads
Across the centuries, Europe propagated anti-Chinese stereotypes as a response to the perceived threats to European might. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
COVID-19 has taught us the oneness of the world
By Ronald Ng
June 1, 2020 699 reads
The first public report on the novel coronavirus infection in China was the report of "unusual pneumonia" in Wuhan, Hubei province, at the end of December. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US coronavirus lawsuits pick at the scabs of China’s ‘century of humiliation’
By James V. Wertsch
June 1, 2020 704 reads
The emotional scars of the opium wars and bullying by colonial powers resonate among ordinary Chinese in a way the West does not fully appreciate. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
THE ATLANTIC - We Are Living in a Failed State. The coronavirus didn’t break America. It revealed what was already broken.
By George Packer
June 1, 2020 743 reads
When the virus came here, it found a country with serious underlying conditions, and it exploited them ruthlessly. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
When Is It Safe To Ease Social Distancing? Here's What One Model Says For Each State
By Nurith Aizenman
May 1, 2020 780 reads
Across the U.S., state leaders are grappling with the challenging decision of when to relax the social distancing restrictions that have helped keep COVID-19 in check. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Museum Asks People To Recreate Paintings With Stuff They Can Find at Home, Here Are The Results
By Getty Museum
May 1, 2020 676 reads
Even though most of us are stuck at home during Coronavirus quarantine and can’t go out and enjoy art in museums, that doesn’t mean that life has to be boring or uncultured. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The W.H.O. chief said politicizing the virus would lead to “many more body bags”
By New York Times
May 1, 2020 707 reads
The World Health Organization’s director general rebuked officials around the world, following President Trump’s comments attacking the W.H.O. and China. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China in a New Era of Global Disruptions (including Covid-19 pandemic)
By Andrew K P Leung
April 1, 2020 743 reads
A presentation made by Dr. Andrew K P Leung to a Joint Meeting of the EGN Founding Chairmen’ Group and the CEO Pioneers Group 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China Bought the West Time. The West Squandered It.
By Ian Johnson
April 1, 2020 9915 reads
Why did so many countries watch the epidemic unfold for weeks as though it was none of their concern? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Coronavirus: to save US lives, Trump must learn from China, not fight it
By Wang Xiangwei
April 1, 2020 702 reads
China bungled its initial response, but its experience in turning the tide against Covid-19 holds valuable lessons for other countries. Now is the time for Trump and Xi to forget tit-for-tat squabbles and pick up the telephone. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Are we overreacting to the coronavirus threat and merely creating bigger risks down the road?
By Josef Gregory Mahoney
March 1, 2020 853 reads
For a virus with a lower fatality rate than peak flu season in the US, millions are being quarantined, borders closed, flights cut and economic and political costs are mounting. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Coronavirus fight is between species, not countries – we need science and solidarity to beat it
By Swee Kheng Khor
March 1, 2020 789 reads
This current outbreak will burn itself out eventually, but it isn’t the first and won’t be the last that our world has to face. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Inside Coronavirus affected Beijing
By Nathan Rich
March 1, 2020 759 reads
Team Hotpot’s Video on Beijing’s livelihood 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The seven trends that will define China in the 2020s
By Andrew Leung
February 1, 2020 815 reads
What can the world expect from China in this new decade? Besides US-China tension, slower Chinese economic growth, vertical integration and the tilt towards Chinese domestic consumption are all likely to have an effect on the rest of the world. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
FOREIGN POLICY - China’s Year in 10 Charts: The political and economic trends that shaped China this year
By James Palmer
February 1, 2020 763 reads
We take a look back at 2019 in terms of popular mobilization, trade, and other economic indicators. From the ebb and flow of Hong Kong's protests to China's growing economic elite, here are 10 trends that shaped the news in China this year. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Five things that aren't in the US-China deal... and why
By Karishma Vaswani
February 1, 2020 753 reads
The US and China have finally - after almost two years of hostilities - signed a "phase one" deal. But it only covers the easier aspects of their difficult relationship, and only removes some of the tariffs. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China is yin, America is yang, and they need each other more than Trump knows
By Hong Hai
January 1, 2020 812 reads
China and the US can avoid a clash of civilisations if they can grasp the idea that they need to restrain, support and balance each other. Without the support and restraining influence of either country, the global order cannot last. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US-China decoupling is more rhetoric than fact -- for now: Technology barriers are going up, but economic relationship is deep and complex
By Kevin Rudd
January 1, 2020 786 reads
The casual, nonchalant and, for some at least, apparently satisfying deployment of the term "decoupling" to describe the current trajectory of the U.S.-China relationship reminds us of the classical wisdom that in foreign policy, words are bullets. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
3 things the West gets wrong about Chinese Millennials | Zak Dychtwald | TEDxQingboSt
By Zak Dychtwald
December 1, 2019 1089 reads
Most often when Westerners look at China they look at one of two things: either a big, "Communist" government, which we find scary, or a rising, robust macro-economy, which we find exciting. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US passing Hong Kong human rights and democracy act will only ‘punish the wrong people’: ex-Trump envoy Susan Thornton
By John Power
December 1, 2019 920 reads
Susan Thornton, formerly America’s most senior diplomat in East Asia, says the bill is a ‘huge mistake’ and reflects misconceptions in the US about China’s rise 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why Singaporeans don’t back Hong Kong protests
By Joshua Lok
December 1, 2019 840 reads
With a similar colonial past, territorial size and economic success, Singapore and Hong Kong serve as mutual yardsticks for progress and remain competitors at the forefront of the Asia-Pacific region. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
New Money: The Greatest Wealth Creation Event in History (2019) - Full Documentary
By Stansberry Research
November 1, 2019 1867 reads
Why is one misunderstood nation now the source of more millionaires and billionaires than anywhere else on earth? And why does America’s mainstream press ignore this story? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
An alternative view of HK protests
By George Koo
November 1, 2019 885 reads
In reporting the Hong Kong protest movement, the Western media have represented hoodlums as heroes and hooliganism as a movement for democracy. The rioters beat up on innocent bystanders, attacked police with gasoline bombs and sharpened metal rods, destroyed government buildings and metro stations, and interrupted the operations of the international airport. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US and China set on ‘decoupling’ amid their clash of civilisations, Singapore Forbes forum told
By Dewey Sim
November 1, 2019 915 reads
Economists and business leaders warn that a ‘phase one deal’ on trade is only a short-term truce and masks a deeper transition for the world economy. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Can Trump keep the US stock market bubble from popping as the world economy slows?
By Andy Xie
October 1, 2019 906 reads
The US president has so far managed to keep the market buoyant by offering economic hope to calm nerves. As China’s economy continues to slow, and more multinationals begin to feel the pain, the tipping point may not be too far off. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Explainer: How important is Hong Kong to the rest of China?
By Noah Sin
October 1, 2019 816 reads
HONG KONG (Reuters) - Concerns over Hong Kong's political and economic future are growing as pro-democracy protests drag on and turn increasingly violent, and China makes clear that forceful intervention is possible. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Beijing is making Hong Kong’s property tycoons sweat bricks – it was long overdue
By Yonden Lhatoo
October 1, 2019 927 reads
Yonden Lhatoo says the writing has been on the wall for a while, but developers who control the city’s housing market have now been put on notice that enough is enough. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Self-Destruction of American Power:Washington Squandered the Unipolar Moment
By Fareed Zakaria
September 1, 2019 1034 reads
Sometime in the last two years, American hegemony died. The age of U.S. dominance was a brief, heady era, about three decades marked by two moments, each a breakdown of sorts. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Trade wars part two – The empire strikes back - ASIA TIMES
By David P. Goldman
September 1, 2019 782 reads
The escalating conflict between China and the US will likely be long and debilitating. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Beijing’s non-Tiananmen response: build up Shenzhen, forget Hong Kong
By Alex Lo
September 1, 2019 826 reads
In the near future, unless it changes course, Hong Kong will be more unsafe and unstable, while Shenzhen will be less unfree and more prosperous. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
An Update on the U. S. - China Trade War
By Yung-Sheng Cha
August 1, 2019 839 reads
The trade war between U. S. and China has been going on for more than a year. There was no deal or agreement after several rounds of negotiations. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Harsh truths for Hong Kong: extradition bill protests will not achieve anything
By Bilahari Kausikan
Bilahari Kausikan 1038 reads
Retired Singapore diplomat Bilahari Kausikan says Beijing will never tolerate any action that undermines national unity and the extradition bill formalises ‘one country, two systems’. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Confusion and Uncertainty Cloud US-China Trade Truce
By Anita Inder Singh
August 1, 2019 796 reads
US President Donald Trump called a truce to the US-China trade and technology war at the G-20 summit which was held in Osaka from 28 to 29 June, 2019. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Donald Trump’s Huawei crackdown could hit Trump country hardest
July 1, 2019 835 reads
Small, rural US wireless providers fear the president's approach could result in big costs. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The grave threat to US civilisation is not China, but climate change
By Robert Delaney
July 1, 2019 982 reads
For its own profit, the Trump administration wants to downplay the challenge of global warming, and flooding the media with dire warnings about China is one way to distract voters. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Hong Kong needs radical social and economic reform. Let’s start with breaking up the property cartel
By Cheah Cheng Hye
July 1, 2019 847 reads
Even if Carrie Lam were to quit as chief executive, the anger that led to the mass protests would not die down as long as the local economy is run by cartels, especially in the housing sector. Shock therapy is urgently needed. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Has the West Lost It? A Conversation with Kishore Mahbubani
By Kishore Mahbubani
June 1, 2019 930 reads
Singaporean diplomat Kishore Mahbubani believes that while the political freedoms in China haven't increased, the personal freedoms of the Chinese people have. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A new kind of cold war:
How to manage the growing rivalry between America and a rising China
By Frank Ofili
June 1, 2019 1136 reads
Fighting over trade is not the half of it. The United States and China are contesting every domain, from semiconductors to submarines and from blockbuster films to lunar exploration. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Donald Trump is wrong. The US economy is not strong enough to win cold war 2.0
By Stephen S. Roach
May 1, 2019 1067 reads
While the US prevailed in the cold war with the Soviet Union, its economy is in a much weaker position today. Both the US and China should resolve their own economic imbalances and then work together to preserve the post-war world order. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
America’s latest ‘red scare’ is overblown. China is not intent on world domination
By Tom Plate
May 1, 2019 939 reads
The US Committee on the Present Danger focusing on China misreads the Communist Party’s intentions. While China will seek to dominate transnational sectors it sees as essential to its survival, conquering the world would be too much trouble. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Can the US win the new cold war with China? Not without risking a nuclear war
By Hugh White
April 1, 2019 989 reads
This is a terrific, thought-provoking, eye-opening article by Hugh White. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
For countries around the world, China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ has more pros than cons
By SCMP Editorial
April 1, 2019 924 reads
Despite American opposition to the ambitious global trade plan, China should be viewed as a partner, not a rival. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The dangerous absurdity of America’s trade wars
By Jeffrey D Sachs
April 1, 2019 958 reads
Don Quixote fought windmills. US President Donald Trump fights trade deficits. Both battles are absurd, but at least Quixote’s was tinged with idealism. Trump’s is drenched in enraged ignorance. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China urges US to accept others' technology progress
By Xinhua
March 1, 2019 1030 reads
BEIJING – China on Thursday called on the US to adopt an open and inclusive mindset regarding technological development and progress of other countries. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why pick on Huawei when all advanced technologies, including those from the US, carry security risks?
By Peter Kammerer
March 1, 2019 988 reads
Peter Kammerer says people who worry about being spied on should open their eyes to the many Western tech innovations now ubiquitous in their lives. By fueling mistrust, Trump is impeding scientific cooperation critical to social progress. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The US is waging war on Chinese hi-tech, but it can’t thwart Beijing’s ambitions on its own
By Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
March 1, 2019 953 reads
The United States is shifting the battleground for global power from money, finance and trade to technology. This approach poses serious risks for global trade and investment. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US and China: From Co-Evolution to Decoupling - YALE GLOBAL ONLINE
By Vincent Ni
February 1, 2019 1028 reads
As China's economy steadily grows, its relationship with the United States has transformed from cooperative co-evolution to decoupling. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
America should worry about an existential threat, and it’s not China
By Vasilis Trigkas
February 1, 2019 881 reads
Vasilis Trigkas says China today is grappling with many complex problems it has yet to solve, and that will undercut any hegemonic aspirations it may have. US fears of a ‘Chinese invasion’ is a reminder of its paranoia about the Soviet Union during the cold war. Washington should look elsewhere for what ails it. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why China is too important a market for foreign companies to exit, especially as Chinese innovation takes off
By Edward Tse
January 1, 2019 904 reads
Edward Tse says multinational companies are realising that they cannot ignore Chinese innovation and must embrace China-specific strategies. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
If Trump abandons globalism, American interests will suffer 'irreparable harm' – CNBC
By Frederick Kempe
January 1, 2019 880 reads
If Trump abandons globalism, American interests will suffer 'irreparable harm' 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How could the global economy crash? Let us count the ways
By Andy Xie
January 1, 2019 924 reads
Andy Xie says the stock sell-off in the US and elsewhere and the sharp decline in property prices all add up to more debt trouble at a time when debt is already sky-high. A repeat of the global financial crisis of a decade ago seems certain 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Beipanjiang Bridge: China’s impossible engineering feat – BBC
December 1, 2018 1184 reads
The Beipanjiang Bridge, suspended 565m above remote south-west mountains in China, took decades to construct and has revolutionized bridge-building around the world. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Capitalism Versus State Capitalism
By Yung-Sheng Cha
December 1, 2018 964 reads
Several experts wrote about the "Thucydides Trap" in which a rising power is challenging a ruling power. In twelve of the sixteen cases in history, it ended in bloodshed. This time they are referring to the rivalry between China (a rising power) and the U. S. (a ruling power). The question often asked is: can a military confrontation between China and the U. S. be avoided? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
From rank outsider to mayor of Kaohsiung: meet the man who wooed Taiwan’s electorate
By Lawrence Chung
December 1, 2018 897 reads
Han Kuo-yu was considered to have no chance when he was named as the Kuomintang’s candidate, but his bold promises and clever use of social media saw him home. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US-China tensions: is war the endgame in the South China Sea?
By Collin Koh
November 1, 2018 1053 reads
A close encounter between a Chinese destroyer and the USS Decatur may have been an attempt by Beijing to keep tensions from crossing into an outright armed confrontation for which neither side is ready. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Are Trump's trade wars good, and easy to win?
By Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2018 1036 reads
US President Donald Trump described China as a strategic "competitor" in his national security strategy released in December 2017. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
So long American Empire?
By Peter Chung Chieh
November 1, 2018 951 reads
I wrote Aftershocks in 2017 for the China-US-Friendship website before the inauguration of Trump to the Oval Office because I share the feeling of many, and wish to offer some comfort for those who felt the same way I did. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Does Trump Have a Strategy to Run the US? Yes, But...
Mainstream and Organic Views
By Ifay Chang
October 1, 2018 1108 reads
Donald Trump was an unusual Presidential candidate. His campaign style was unusual, combative, rude, impromptu and rash in presentation. His tweets were also unusual, but he was successful in getting millions of followers and created a new political fad, now adopted by many politicians. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Trade War
By Yung-Sheng Cha
October 1, 2018 919 reads
It looks like Trump is determined to start a trade war with China. Similarly, China does not appear to back down from the threat of an all-out trade war with the U. S. It is difficult to predict what is going to happen because Trump is unpredictable and he is changing the goalposts all along the way. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Never mind the trade war, this is how China and the US can both get what they want
By Andrew Leung
September 1, 2018 1055 reads
The US'concerns about China aren't just shared by other countries, they also align with the mainland's own goals for its future. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
AmCham: US firms plan to increase investment in China
By Agencies
September 1, 2018 1269 reads
SHANGHAI – US companies operating in China have said they plan to increase investment there in 2018, signaling that optimism about the business outlook is offsetting rising trade tensions, a survey showed on Thursday. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Is Thucydides Trap between the U.S. and China avoidable?
By S. B. Woo
August 1, 2018 1326 reads
The following is the outline of a PowerPoint Presentation made by Dr. S. B. Woo to about 130 Americans including 3 retired generals, one from each service, and many former CIA officers on Feb. 2, 2018.   He spoke for himself only. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
This Sino-US battle is about much more than just trade
By Daniel De Blocq Van Scheltinga
August 1, 2018 1093 reads
This trade war is not just about trade, which would be easy to fix, but about the geopolitical and economic rise of China. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
‘America First’ policy undermining American soft power
By ejinsight
July 1, 2018 1196 reads
Ever since Donald Trump took office in January 2017, the United States has been withdrawing from several international agreements and groups. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Time US adjusted to new global reality
By Clifford A. Kiracofe
July 1, 2018 1126 reads
Trade frictions are straining relations between China and the United States. At the end of the day, however, relations are generally on track and constructive. But the world is changing and Washington's ability to adjust appropriately is in question. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Battle-lines drawn: A full-blown trade war between America and China looks likely
By The Economist
July 1, 2018 1217 reads
As Donald Trump threatens further tariffs on Chinese imports, the prospect of a deal is receding. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US-China trade disputes could hit America's heartland hard
By Xinhua
June 1, 2018 1094 reads
DENVER, the United States - American farmers have been bracing for a tariffs race between the United States and China ignited by the Trump - economic shots that would likely hurt America's historic heartland.? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China must be part of Korean peace negotiations to prevent further mistrust
By Zhang Baohui
June 1, 2018 1092 reads
Zhang Baohui says that as Korea peace talks expand to include the United States, the parties involved should consider adding China as well, to avoid a repeat of deteriorating relations between Russia and the West 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Buffett says world depends on US, China for growth
By Wang Ying / Xinhua
June 1, 2018 1171 reads
US billionaire investor Warren Buffett, center, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, talks to the media before the annual shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha, Nebraska, the United States, May 5, 2018. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Reflections on China's reforms
By Bert Hofman
May 1, 2018 1188 reads
Forty years ago in December, Deng Xiaoping delivered his historic speech: "Emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts and unite as one to face the future." This triggered four decades of reform and opening-up that have transformed China into the world's second-largest economy. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why US sanctions on ZTE might turn out to be the best thing for China’s microchip ambitions
By Craig Addison
May 1, 2018 1207 reads
Case study from 18 years ago may provide lessons for Chinese telecoms company that has been denied access to US technology. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
For US and China, the real friction over Taiwan is yet to come
By Cary Huang
May 1, 2018 1127 reads
US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s trip to Taipei and Trump’s stance on submarines could make the biggest mess of China-US ties since Nixon 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Returning migrants: the Chinese economy’s next great hope?
By Coco Liu
April 1, 2018 1371 reads
The great migration of rural workers into China’s cities helped to create the world’s second largest economy. Now a new avenue of growth is opening up, as the rise of e-commerce fuels a reverse migration of entrepreneurs. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Hong Kong's economy looks bleak if trade war intensifies
By Ken Davies
April 1, 2018 1397 reads
Donald Trump’s imposition of tariffs on imports from China is aimed at changing China’s trade and investment policies, but its medium-term impact is likely to be a tit-for-tat trade war which will harm the US and Chinese economies. Hong Kong’s open economy will inevitably suffer as a result. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Tapping growing potential of AI industry
By Edward Tse and Jackie Tang
March 1, 2018 1203 reads
The global artificial intelligence market has experienced explosive growth in recent years, and this game-changing technology is now considered the "next big thing" after the mobile internet. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
What should Beijing do to cope with Donald Trump's tax cut? Chinese experts give their views
By Frank Tang and Xie Yu
March 1, 2018 1239 reads
Economists warn that burden imposed on Chinese companies is stifling competitiveness... 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How China's new model for hi-tech firms can help it become a global leader in artificial intelligence and driverless cars
By Jane Cai
March 1, 2018 1172 reads
Dutch academic based at Zhejiang University argues that Chinese business ecosystems are completely different to those found in Silicon Valley. ? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why Trump’s new security strategy on China and Taiwan means the gloves are off in Sino-US rivalry
By Michal Thim
February 1, 2018 1194 reads
Michal Thim says the new US national security strategy places relations with China outside ambiguous niceties, with the open declaration of a new era of competition. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Facial recognition to ticketing apps: how tech is helping ease the Lunar New Year travel crush
By Celia Chen, Meng Jing and Sarah Dai
February 1, 2018 1137 reads
Technology is playing a part to ease the travel crush during Lunar New Year. An estimated 3 billion trips will be made in a six-week period starting next week as hundreds of millions of Chinese make their way back to their hometowns. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
On Zheng He’s Exploration of the Americas:Navigational Routes, Timelines and Evidence
By Wang Sheng-Wei
January 1, 2018 1401 reads
Source: Paper presented at the 4th International Conference on “Multidisciplinary Innovation for Sustainability and Growth” (MISG – 2017) – Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia (July 13-14) 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Yukon Huang: Debunking Myths about China's Economy
By Yukon Huang
January 1, 2018 1452 reads
SPEAKER: Yukon Huang Senior Fellow, Asia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He has a PhD in economics from Princeton University and a BA from Yale University. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China's Economic Miracle | The Rise of China Mini-Documentary | Episodes 1 -3
By KJ Vids
December 1, 2017 1677 reads
Two centuries ago, Napoleon warned, "Let China sleep: when she wakes, she will shake the world." 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Asean's march into the Digital Economy: Muddling through is not muddle-headed
By Andrew Sheng
December 1, 2017 1132 reads
Those of us who witnessed the founding of the Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean) in August 1967 could not have imagined how much was achieved in the last 50 years. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
President's Speaker Series: Jim Rogers
By Jim Rogers
December 1, 2017 1279 reads
In a talk titled "How I see the world and what I'm doing about it", investment guru, Guiness Record winner and travel enthusiast, Jim Rogers spoke to a full house as part of the Yale-NUS College President's Speaker Series. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The real message for the world in China’s first global congress
By Kerry Brown
November 1, 2017 1349 reads
Xi Jinping may be the lead character in the latest episode of a play unfolding since 1921, but the plot is about the Communist Party. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How people in Asia-Pacific view China
By Laura Silver
November 1, 2017 1373 reads
This week, China convenes its 19th National Congress, a gathering closely watched by those seeking to understand power shifts and policy changes within the world’s most populous country. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
What would China do if North Korea and the United States go to war?
By Bilahari Kausikan
October 1, 2017 1488 reads
Singapore’s ambassador at large Bilahari Kausikan gives his views on the North Korean nuclear crisis, the rise of China and the potential for conflict between Beijing and New Delhi. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Crisis of Korean Peninsula, Who to blame? How to fix it?
By Ifay Chang
October 1, 2017 1234 reads
Recently, North Korea tested another nuclear bomb and launched a missile flying over Japan. The power of the hydrogen bomb created a 6.3 Richter scale earthquake; naturally, this is threatening South Korea, Japan and the United States as well as making China unhappy. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Michael Wood Interview: Why China Is Embracing Its Glorious Past
By Michael Wood
September 1, 2017 1469 reads
The Story of China, the latest documentary written and hosted by Michael Wood, unfolds 4,000 years of tumultuous history in six episodes that took the globetrotting British historian to virtually every corner of the vast Middle Kingdom. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence
By Kai-Fu Lee
September 1, 2017 1468 reads
What worries you about the coming world of artificial intelligence? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Alibaba Founder Jack Ma: Harvard rejected me 10 times!
By Jack Ma
August 1, 2017 1504 reads
Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma in Davos World Economic Forum interviewed by Charlie Rose; amazing interview and amazing insights for entrepreneurs and startup founders. His vision is genuine and ground. Truly inspiring! 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Governance recipe for sustainable development in Central Asia with One Belt, One Road
By Andrew K P Leung
August 1, 2017 1326 reads
Following is Dr. Leung’s PowerPoint accepted for presentation at the Cambridge Central Asia Forum - Beyond Globalization: Prospects for Eurasia. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
HK continues to benefit from national development
By Sheng-Wei Wang
July 1, 2017 1375 reads
Hong Kong will soon commemorate the 20th anniversary of the reversion of its sovereignty from Britain back to China. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | TED Talk |
By Robert Waldinger
July 1, 2017 1322 reads
What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China sees biggest overseas returning wave in recent years
By Wu Yan
June 1, 2017 1512 reads
At the National Science and Technology Awards Conference held in Beijing on January, 2017, Ren Xiaobin and his team won the second prize in the 2016 National Natural Science Award. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Trade Deficit
By Yung-Sheng Cha
June 1, 2017 1277 reads
Trade was the central issue of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. Trump claims that the large trade deficit caused the loss of millions of jobs and the closing of factories in the U. S. When Trump was elected and inaugurated as the U. S. President, he immediately canceled the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and prepared to re-negotiate the North American Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA). 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Briefing by Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Mnuchin, and Secretary Ross on President Trumps Meetings with President Xi of China
By White House
May 1, 2017 1690 reads
MR. SPICER: Hi, guys. So this is being streamed back to both the Tideline, as well as the White House. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Trump’s Decision to Honor the One-China Policy: How Best to Explain It?
By John F. Cooper
May 1, 2017 1295 reads
On the evening of February 9, 2017, in a telephone conversation with China’s President Xi Jinping, US President Donald Trump made a volte-face from his previous statements and pledged to honor America’s one-China policy. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
What Happens When China Becomes Number One (Institute of Politics, Kennedy School of Government)
By Kishore Mahbubani
April 1, 2017 1803 reads
To know more about the US image in the eyes of many people, please click the following link 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Rockefeller family sets worthy example for HK’s super-rich
By Sheng-Wei Wang
April 1, 2017 1505 reads
American banker, presidential emissary and adviser, philanthropist and patron of the arts, David Rockefeller died on March 20, 2017. He was 101. At the time of his death, Forbes estimated his net worth at $3.3 billion (Global Rich List, ranking No. 603) and that he gave away $2 billion to charity in his lifetime. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The New Silk Road: China’s plan to change the world
By Pearl Forss
March 1, 2017 1514 reads
This is "The New Silk Road: China's plan to change the world" by Pearl Forss on Vimeo 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Handle with Care!
By Peter Chung Chieh
March 1, 2017 1553 reads
At the time when the life of the former Commander in Chief of the Army of the Republic of China, General Sun Li-jen, was suddenly in danger without warning, I made up my mind to study science, staying away from dirty politics at that very instant. The General was dearly loved domestically and enjoyed a great reputation internationally. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A Grand Bargain
By Yung-Sheng Cha
February 1, 2017 1679 reads
There are three potential flashpoints in Asia between Washington and Beijing; they are North Korea, Taiwan, and the South China Sea. Any one of these could evolve into a major military conflict in the not-too-distant future. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Jack Ma Full Interview at Davos 2017
By Jack Ma and Andrew Ross Sorkin
February 1, 2017 1576 reads
Ma spoke with CNBC anchor and New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin from Davos 【Full Story】 【Comments】
By Peter Chung Chieh
January 1, 2017 1968 reads
At the beginning of the U.S. presidential election campaign, a British parliamentarian moved to ban Donald Trump from entering the U.K. due to his many radical and hateful statements. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The coming war on China
By John Richard Pilgar
January 1, 2017 1597 reads
Thom Hartmann talks with author and filmmaker John Pilger about his new documentary “The coming war on China” and the military escalation that could lead World War III. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Separatist pair must be excluded from LegCo
By Wang Shengwei (Sheng-Wei Wang)
December 1, 2016 1532 reads
The most important action necessary for restoring stability to Hong Kong today is for the chaos in the Legislative Council to be ended swiftly and decisively. The situation has become increasingly confused since the two most controversial winners of LegCo seats, Yau Wai-ching and Sixtus Leung Chung-hang, deliberately corrupted the oaths they swore almost four weeks ago. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How Historians of Tomorrow Will Interpret Donald Trump’s Election
By Time Staff
December 1, 2016 1399 reads
It’s safe to say that the results of Tuesday’s presidential election came as something of a surprise to many Americans, no matter whom they backed. President-elect Donald Trump soundly defied the polls to pull out a victory, despite a campaign that shocked and alienated large swaths of the country. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
One Belt, One Road (OBOR): Challenges and Opportunities
By Victor Da Hsuan Feng
November 1, 2016 1991 reads
Colleagues: This morning I discussed with many of you about popularizing the concept of One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) to all corners of the world. One consensus I received from many of you was that utilizing English to discuss this issue is critical. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The three unexpected cross-strait situations
By Li Yi Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2016 2107 reads
Tsai Ing-wen took office more than four months ago. The current cross-strait situation since she was elected on January 16 this year can be summed up in three sentences. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Politics in the HKSAR is at a crossroads after LegCo election
By Wang Shengwei (Sheng-Wei Wang)
October 1, 2016 1599 reads
Concerning the 2016 Legislative Council election, the surge of interest among the population was quite remarkable, with voter turnout reaching more than 2.2 million or 58 percent of the eligible voters, a record high number since Hong Kong returned to China. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Turkey’s coup and geopolitics
By Binghe Shui Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
October 1, 2016 1511 reads
After the failed coup in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan immediately accused the Islamic sect leader Muhammed Fethullah Gulen living in Pennsylvania, USA, of being an evil backstage manipulator, and asked the US to extradite him back to Turkey (Gulen strongly denied the charge). 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Washington essay: US middle class shrank and professor lamented widening gap of rich and poor
By Donghui Yu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
September 1, 2016 2094 reads
American writer Neal Gabler recently published an article on The Atlantic website, which sparked heated debate in the US. He wrote that the Federal Reserve Board’s survey found that 47 percent of the American respondents said that they would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How the US Misjudged the South China Sea, Part I and II
By Xue Li and Xu Yanzhuo
September 1, 2016 1540 reads
A look at the U.S. position and policy, and why it failed to produce the desired response. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
“Thinking Through the Unthinkable”: RAND Corporation lays out scenarios for US war with China
By Peter Symonds
September 1, 2016 1526 reads
A new study by the RAND Corporation titled “War with China: Thinking Through the Unthinkable” is just the latest think tank paper devoted to assessing a US war against China. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why the South China Sea Verdict Is Likely to Backfire
By Ted Galen Carpenter
August 1, 2016 1462 reads 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Where will Taiwan go from here?
By Binghe Shui Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
August 1, 2016 1522 reads
After Tsai Ing-wen came to power becoming Taiwan’s political leader, she immediately, as expected, began a new diplomatic direction by "keeping the mainland of China at a distance, but strengthening partnerships with the US and Japan." 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China Wants To Peacefully Settle Maritime Territorial Disputes
By Chee Hwa Tung
August 1, 2016 1420 reads
The following is an abbreviated speech originally delivered at the International Law Colloquium on Maritime Disputes Settlement on July 15, 2016 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US-China Relations Do Not Need Another Lawyer
By Ifay Chang
July 1, 2016 1753 reads
It has become obvious even to school children that the US-China relations are not on good terms, based on mainstream media reports, although no one has a clear idea why it is so, not even the children’s teachers. The mass media seem to be spinning a picture that China is a threat to the US, but with no specific evidence. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Reciprocate Beijing’s olive branch
By Wang Shengwei
July 1, 2016 1662 reads
While Hong Kong people still need time to digest the shock from the Mong Kok riot caused by radical “localists” just after Lunar New Year’s Day, several weaker-than-expected economic indicators and some of our youth groups’ advocacy for “Hong Kong independence” have injected unwarranted pessimism into some of our residents. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Pentagon Is Endangering Our Economic Ties With China
By Patrick Smith
July 1, 2016 1469 reads 【Full Story】 【Comments】
South China Sea: How We Got to This Stage
By Fu Ying and Wu Shicun
June 1, 2016 1571 reads
Editor’s note: This article reviews the many large or small events in the evolution of the South China Sea situation and demonstrates the possible connections among them. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A midnight phone call changed the Sino-Philippine relations
By Binghe Shui Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2016 1652 reads
In the 1970s, the Cultural Revolution in the mainland of China was in full swing and the political struggle consumed the national strength. In contrast, after defeating the US, Vietnam became complacent, aggressive, and immediately went further to capture the Paracel Islands (also known to the Chinese as Xisha Islands in the South China Sea) near China’s Hainan Island. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Say Goodbye to Taiwan (I)
By John J. Mearsheimer
May 1, 2016 2243 reads
Time is running out for the little island coveted by its gigantic, growing neighbor. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Say Goodbye to Taiwan (II)
By John J. Mearsheimer
May 1, 2016 2444 reads
Furthermore, why would a powerful China accept U.S. military forces operating in its backyard? American policy makers, after all, go ballistic when other great powers send military forces into the Western Hemisphere. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Biggest Misunderstanding About China's Economic Diplomacy
By Jin Kai
April 1, 2016 1760 reads
No, China hasn’t succeeded in “buying” allies — but that’s not what Beijing is trying to do 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Clear mist of confusion over South China Sea
By Jin Kai
April 1, 2016 1689 reads
The report of China deploying a missile system on Yongxing Island, part of the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea came as a "surprise", with the Western world citing it as further evidence of China's "direct military provocation" to other countries and a threat to regional peace and order. The United States expects to hold "very serious talks" with China, and its allies have expressed concern over the development. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
On the three separatisms China is facing
By Binghe Shui Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
March 1, 2016 1690 reads
The three separatisms China is facing are Tibet independence, Xinjiang independence and Taiwan independence. But before discussing any further, let us uphold a principle, namely, a country’s territory can expand or contract by gaining or losing land according to the rise or fall of its national strength. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
2015 Meet the Author - James Bradley - “The China Mirage” - Full Version
By James Bradley
March 1, 2016 1705 reads
Excellent talk by American author James Bradly, worth listening, even though it is a bit long. This exploitation of the Chinese people goes way back in the US history and also applies to Australia, where many Chinese migrants from China in the “gold-rush” days worked very, very hard to help developed these countries. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why Beijing’s South China Sea Moves Make Sense Now
By Greg Austin
March 1, 2016 1649 reads
The link below explains “China’s primary motivation in recent South China Sea military activities 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Cross Talk on Soundcloud: Chinese Wave - China & U.S. Face a Choice of Accommodation and Confrontation
By English-language TV channel of RT
February 1, 2016 1470 reads
For interested readers, please click this link to watch the video of Cross Talk on the English-language TV channel of RT 【Full Story】 【Comments】
'Comfort Women' - What Does It Mean To You?
By Ifay Chang
February 1, 2016 1942 reads
Imagine someone you knew. A high school girl on her way to Tainan's Girls High School was captured by a uniformed Japanese military police and was sent to the battle front to serve the Japanese army as a sex slave, being raped day and night for 1095 days - nightmares carved in the girl's memory, painful and unbearable. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Kishore Mahbubani. What happens when China becomes number one? | Institute of Politics
By Kishore Mahbubani
January 1, 2016 2209 reads
Please click the following links to listen/read to Kishore Mahbubani’s speech at Harvard University. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Comments on “What happens when China becomes number one?”
By Yung Sheng Cha
January 1, 2016 1753 reads
After watching the program, I cannot help but make the following observations and comments. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Ma Yun’s Speech at the ECONOMIC CLUB OF NEW YORK on June 9, 2015
By Ma Yun
December 1, 2015 1870 reads
I’m so honored. I never expect there are so many people coming here to listen to my talk. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Article 9
By Yung-Sheng Cha
November 1, 2015 1494 reads
The Japanese Parliament just approved legislation which reinterprets Japan’s constitution and fundamentally changes the way Japan uses its military. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How deep is the Middle East hell?
By Binghe Shui Translation by Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2015 1753 reads
During this Labor Day weekend I read a very interesting passage. This passage came from Richard Fontaine, foreign-policy adviser of the Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush: 【Full Story】 【Comments】
In leading the Asian Investment Bank, China should learn to accept criticisms and make compromises
By China Review News Agency
October 1, 2015 1584 reads
The Articles of Agreement of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) were signed in the morning of June 29, 2015, in Beijing. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Shanghai to Beijing by high-speed train: video guide
By an American tourist
October 1, 2015 1466 reads
Click; the video is in the middle part of the page, enjoy! 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Who is checking the Western media?
By Yi-Cheng Chang Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
September 1, 2015 1625 reads
The World Journal Weekly published on May 24, 2015, an article entitled “US and British reports on China lacking objectiveness and fairness” written by Leng Hongseng (冷鴻升). 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why We Fight #6: The Battle of CHINA
By An American Film Producer
September 1, 2015 1605 reads 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Positioning China as a first-time net exporter of capital
By China Review News Agency
August 1, 2015 1731 reads
Data released in January 2015 by the Ministry of Commerce show that in 2014 China's outward direct investment, after excluding investment into the sector of financial services, reached $102.9 billion. Adding the reinvestment of profit earned abroad by Chinese companies and their investment through third countries, China’s total overseas investment reached $140 billion, higher than the foreign investment into China by about $20 billion. China has become a net exporter of capital for the first time. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A Partnership with China to Avoid World War
By George Soros
August 1, 2015 1657 reads
【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Legacy of President Obama
By Yung-Sheng Cha
July 1, 2015 1642 reads
There are less than two years left in the Obama presidency. People have begun to talk about the legacy of the Obama Administration. It is not unusual to consider a president to be a lame-duck president during the last two years of his presidency, and no major accomplishments are expected. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
'China and Democracy' Debate with Minxin Pei and Eric Li
By Minxin Pei and Eric Li
July 1, 2015 1929 reads
An important debate from the Aspen Ideas Festival on the future of China's political and economic system: 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Chinese population in the United States exceeds 4.5 million: the largest ethnic group among Asian immigrants
By Donghui Yu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2015 1686 reads
The latest data show that the Chinese population in the US reached 4.52 million; 4.347 million regarded themselves as "Chinese people" and 173 thousand as "Taiwanese people". 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The US must wake up to a multipolar world by welcoming China to the table
By Paola Subacchi
June 1, 2015 1561 reads 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China to become the world's largest retail market in 2018
By China Review News Agency Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
May 1, 2015 1674 reads
The latest prediction by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the world’s four largest accounting firms, said that by 2018 China will become the world's largest retail market, but that Hong Kong’s retail sales next year may record a negative growth. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Kevin Rudd’s TED talk: Are China and the US doomed to conflict?
By Kevin Rudd
May 1, 2015 2104 reads
Kevin Rudd and his colleagues study alternate courses for US-China relations that guide us away from a seemingly inevitable confrontation: 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Towards a Community of Common Destiny and a New Future for Asia
By Xi Jinping
April 1, 2015 1898 reads
Editor’s note: This is the Keynote Speech by Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2015, Boao, Hainan Province, People's Republic of China, on March 28, 2015. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Innovation and technology is the way forward for HK
By Sheng-Wei Wang
April 1, 2015 1638 reads
As Hong Kong is now facing slower growth but still wants to pursue economic development beyond its traditional four key industries, it must maintain its competitive advantage, especially in innovation and technology. Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has warned that technology is developing at a tremendous pace and we have been lagging behind our competitors. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Third Silk Road will lead to the China Dream
By Ho Chi-ping
March 1, 2015 1638 reads
A year ago President Xi Jinping expressed his strategic vision of a new model of connectivity among peoples known as the “One Belt and One Road” (Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road) initiative. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Wang Jisi: a new model of major-country relations between China and the United States may form in 10 years
By Boning Huang
March 1, 2015 1796 reads
"A new model of major-country relations is actually a mutual respect of two orders, that the United States respects China's domestic order and that China respects the order of the US-led global governance", said Wang Jisi,... 【Full Story】 【Comments】
TED Talks: Leslie T. Chang: The voices of China's workers
By Leslie T. Chang
February 1, 2015 2176 reads
In the ongoing debate about globalization, what's been missing is the voices of workers -- the millions of people who migrate to factories in China and other emerging countries to make goods sold all over the world. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Wealthy and willing spenders have friends everywhere
By Author Paul Shui Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
February 1, 2015 1703 reads
The Beatles have had numerous hit songs. One of them was "Can't Buy Me Love." A Hong Kong youth listened to it, but did not quite agree and said, "Give me the money and I’ll show you what I can buy!" 【Full Story】 【Comments】
De-Sinicization won’t succeed in Hong Kong
By Sheng-Wei Wang
January 1, 2015 2071 reads
There is much more to the “Occupy Central” campaign than the actions of protesters who have taken over major streets and engaged in turf battles with police. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
What's next for Hong Kong as it struggles to find its identity
By Voice of Russia
January 1, 2015 1672 reads
A radio panel discussion on Voice of Russia on 8 October, 2014: Andrew K. P. Leung together with Martin Jacques 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Education in the United States and China - To learn and not to learn from the differences
By Ifay Chang
December 1, 2014 2076 reads
Education is regarded as very important by almost every nation. Countries with a long history attribute their rich culture to education. Technologically advanced countries recognize education as the prime factor for achieving their advances. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How the new SAT test will instill US values into impressionable young Chinese minds
By Kelly Yang
December 1, 2014 1578 reads
Please click the following link to read “How the new SAT test will instill US values into impressionable young Chinese minds” 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Bridging the gap
By Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2014 2119 reads
Since the “Occupy Central” demonstrations started on Sept 28, they have caused not only considerable inconvenience to members of the public, but economic losses which have yet to be tallied. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
From diehard old practices to the right track – the political system with Chinese characteristics
By Binghe Shui Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2014 1765 reads
After departing my homeland as a child, in August 1978 I returned to it as a middle-aged man. Altogether, I stayed in the mainland for forty days and travelled to more than ten cities to visit relatives whom I had not seen for a few decades or had never seen before. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Chinese investment in the United States could reach 1-2 trillion US dollars in 2020
By China Review News Agency Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
October 1, 2014 1766 reads
China's sustained economic growth driven by foreign investment is stronger than expected. Chinese companies have also begun to seek external expansion and make overseas investments in Europe and the United States. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Shocking "migration deficit" indicates China cultivating talents for the West
By China Review News Agency Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
October 1, 2014 2070 reads
The US has used the "American Dream" to lure global talent in the past. As the world has changed, more and more foreigners are starting to view China as their new "dreamland". 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Robert Kagan’s manifesto of neo-conservatism
By Binghe Shui Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
September 1, 2014 1944 reads
Not long ago, when I talked about the situation in Ukraine in the US-China Forum ( I mentioned a lady Victoria Nuland who is the US Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Nearly 270,000 Chinese students studied in the U.S., with a continued surge of the number of students from the mainland of China
By Donghui Yu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
September 1, 2014 1797 reads
According to the latest statistics released on November 11, 2013, by the American Institute of International Education (IIE), in the 2012-2013 academic year, there were 265,500 students from the mainland of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong studying in American universities. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China unfettered: redefining the rules of the seas
By Lee Kuan Yew
August 1, 2014 2167 reads
“China unfettered: redefining the rules of the seas” by Lee Kuan Yew 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Washington observation: U.S. antagonizing both Russia and China has made them move closer
By Donghui Yu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
August 1, 2014 2046 reads
U.S. officials and diplomatic circles looked indifferently at Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to China and the Sino-Russian joint military exercises at sea, but there was intense media coverage. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China and the U.S. must avert conflict in the future by building trust now
By Andrew K. P. Leung
July 1, 2014 2487 reads
The Southeast Asian community used to live in relative peace. China signed the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in 2003, and the Asean-China Free Trade Area was launched in 2010. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
An analysis of contemporary China’s classes and strata (III)
By Yi Li Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
July 1, 2014 2761 reads
The rapid decline of the peasant class of China is the greatest achievement of China's social and economic development over the thirty years of reform and opening up. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Yongnian Zheng: U.S. “Pivot to Asia” strategy and its mistakes
By Yongnian Zheng Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2014 2149 reads
Since World War II, the United States has always been a part of Asia with its interests and influence never leaving there. A few years ago, the U.S. announced that it would “pivot to Asia”. From an economic point of view, this was inevitable. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
An analysis of contemporary China’s classes and strata (II)
By Yi Li Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2014 2208 reads
During this period of time, the structure of China’s social stratification underwent tremendous changes as shown in Figure 5-3. First, the non-agricultural labor force, which accounted for only a quarter of the total in 1979, rose to nearly half of the total in 1993. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Yazhong Zhang : How to explain and resolve Taiwan's "opposing everything associated with the mainland of China"
By Yazhong Zhang
May 1, 2014 2227 reads
Taiwan's democracy has not grown in a healthy soil; therefore it is bound to have a catastrophe on its path. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
An analysis of contemporary China’s classes and strata (I)
By Yi Li Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
May 1, 2014 2977 reads
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to come to Shandong University (山东大学) to share some of my research findings. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Wisdom; in reach…hard to grasp
By Michael Levy
April 1, 2014 1778 reads
Science has yet to define the true meaning of wisdom in scientific terminology. Maybe they require some type of clever or mathematical proof that wisdom exists? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Contemporary human opium – cellphones
By China Review News
April 1, 2014 1733 reads
Nowadays when I get together with many of my friends to eat and talk, they are always in constant Line (Exchange free instant messages with friends whenever and wherever with one-on-one and group chats. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
"Liberations" and the cultural rise of China
By Yongnian Zheng Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
March 1, 2014 2128 reads
China is qualified to provide another cultural paradigm for the world. But the Chinese culture today is in a state of contraction. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Geo-Relation and Civilization: Establishing China's Common-Sense Understanding on Central Asia (III)
By Zan Tao Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
March 1, 2014 2061 reads
Starting from the middle of the 18th century, Czarist Russia continued its expansion and occupation in Central Asia. Many tribes were "merged" into Russia; all three Khanates-Khiva, Bukhara and Kokand-were conquered. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Geo-Relation and Civilization: Establishing China's Common-Sense Understanding on Central Asia (II)
By Zan Tao Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
February 1, 2014 1905 reads
Under the South-North confrontation/co-existence, the Western Regions issue was still mainly a westward geo-strategy for the Central Plains dynasties. But increasingly there was also a tendency toward a clash of civilizations. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
TED Talk: The Dilemma of Capitalism
Eric X. Li: A Tale of Two Political Systems (Vieo)
By Eric X. Li
February 1, 2014 2111 reads
Eric X. Li: A Tale of Two Political Systems (Video) 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Geo-relation and Civilization: Establishing China’s Common-Sense Understanding on Central Asia (I)
By Zan Tao Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
January 1, 2014 2380 reads
Northwest China is the frontier of the Central Plains while Central Asia is the boundary of China; but they are also at the same time the core of the Inner Asian Continent, the geo-hub meant by Halford J. Mackinder. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The World’s Most Quoted Social Word ‘Xiaosan’ and US-China Relationship
By Ifay Chang
January 1, 2014 2283 reads
My trip with my son Jerray to China last month was enjoyable, exciting for him and amazing for me. Jerray took 800 pictures which I hope he will talk about somewhere but what I would like to talk about here is a social term, ‘xiaosan’, which I heard and read so frequently in this trip in China and outside of China, especially on Internet blogs, newspapers, television and even in movies. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why Asians won’t just move on after genocide joke
By Alan Mi
December 1, 2013 1942 reads
To view Alan Mi’s article “Why Asians won’t just move on after genocide joke” on Dallas News Opinion, please click the link below: 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The late autumn farewell
By Sheng-Wei Wang
December 1, 2013 1817 reads
At 1:00 AM on October 14, your 3rd sister suddenly woke up. Five minutes later, a nurse called her saying that at 1 o’clock your pulse was very weak and you stopped breathing. Did you, 4th sister, wake your 3rd sister to quietly say goodbye? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China’s cultural status quo and its "going out" dilemma
By Yongnian Zheng Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2013 2009 reads
China is an ancient nation with a few thousand years of civilization. In history, the Chinese civilization has made great contributions to the Western civilization. The Western philosophy in the Enlightenment period absorbed much of the Chinese cultural rationalism. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Arctic melting: legendary waterway “floats” out of the ice
By Chine Review News Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2013 1944 reads
The Canadian Arctic scientists Barbados and Matthew in 2009 witnessed the scene. "We were going to board a piece of floating ice. Suddenly, waves surged over and a whole piece of floating ice was raised by the waves to the top. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
U.S. film director Oliver Stone Hiroshima speech and more…
By William Oliver Stone and Peter J. Kuznick
October 1, 2013 2557 reads
U.S. film director Oliver Stone Hiroshima speech 【Japan banned video】 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A German Illustrates Graphically Chinese and Western Cultural Differences
By China Review News Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
October 1, 2013 2212 reads
The graphics shown below are drawn by a German. He seems to have done some research work on Chinese culture or rather he has at least seen the surface of the problem 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Get Ready for the Next China
By Stephen S. Roach
September 1, 2013 2072 reads
The Next China is now at hand. Yet the United States remains fixated on the Old China, unprepared for major transformation in the world's second largest economy. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Tokyo Should Learn from Berlin
By Peter Chung Chieh
September 1, 2013 2123 reads
Taro Aso, deputy minister of Japan, alarmed the world by saying that Tokyo could learn from Nazi Germany when it comes to constitutional reform [1]. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
As the social status of the people of Chinese ethnicity rises, revitalization of Chinatowns becomes a common mission
By China Review News Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
August 1, 2013 1969 reads
In recent years, the rise of overseas New Chinatowns signifies that the people of Chinese ethnicity are no longer like the populations of over 100 years ago who lived on kitchen knives, razors and sewing knives. Instead, they are gradually becoming mainly white-collar workers like doctors, lawyers and accountants. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
"Cash crunch" amid a flood of liquidity
By Ning Zhu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
August 1, 2013 2037 reads
Recently China had a domestic "cash crunch" event, which not only constituted a major impact for banks and financial institutions, but also caused a great upheaval in the A-share stock market and attracted worldwide attention from many investors and regulators. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A Tale of Three Nations
By Yung-Sheng Cha
July 1, 2013 2358 reads
Recent disputes between China and Japan on the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea received great attention both in Asia and the United States of America. They have the potential of evolving into military conflict in the region, which no one would like to see. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Toastmaster of the Day - Bizarre April Holidays
By Ching-Sung Chin
July 1, 2013 2418 reads
With a theme of “Bizarre April Holidays” we are going to explore how bizarre these holidays are...Thanks go to Google and Yahoo! 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Can China Provide the World with Another Cultural Paradigm?
By Yongnian Zheng Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2013 2151 reads
The development of Asian countries made them become more and more like Western countries. This is of course the victory of the West and the rise of the West, rather than the rise of Asia. Asia rises through the study of the West. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Nearly 70% of Americans Oppose a U.S. Military Intervention in the Taiwan - Strait War
By Donghui Yu
June 1, 2013 1885 reads
The latest U.S. poll finds that, assuming war breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, 69% of Americans oppose a United States military intervention. This number is 8% above that in 2004. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why Our Government Faces Fiscal Cliff Crisis and Others Don’t?
By Yu-Long Ling
May 1, 2013 2302 reads
When Plato, the great Greek philosopher, once discussed with his students on the issue of justice, one of them said that when you pay off your debt, you are doing justice. I think that we Americans can agree with this assessment. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Americans Are Facing the Distress of Becoming Poor after Retirement
By Weiyi Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
May 1, 2013 2031 reads
Reuters has published a story saying that at present the American elderly belong to the group of better off in the society. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Essence of New Urbanization Is the Urbanization of People
By China Review News Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
April 1, 2013 2235 reads
The just-concluded China’s Central Economic Work Conference has confirmed six major tasks for economic work in 2013. One task is to actively and steadily promote urbanization, and strive to improve the quality of urbanization. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Discuss the Issue of Democracy with Dr. Lester Lee
By Wenquan Lu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
April 1, 2013 2238 reads
I diligently read Dr. Lester Lee’s article entitled "A Tale of two Democracies" published at on February 1, 2013. I felt that the article presented quite new ideas and that I would especially like to do a bit more study with the author. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
New Evidence Showing Shang Refugees Crossing the Ocean Eastward to Reach the American Continent: The Influence of Shang Dynasty Culture on the New World Based on Oracle-Bone Inscriptions Spreading Eastward to Mexico (I)
By Yuzhou Fan Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
March 1, 2013 9642 reads
The possibility of an eastward crossing of the Pacific Ocean by the Yin people (Shang refugees) to reach the American Continent is an important subject of general interest in recent years among Chinese and non-Chinese academic circles. Regarding this topic, quite a number of Chinese and foreign scholars have published their works and put forward numerous hypotheses and inferences. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
New Evidence Showing Shang Refugees Crossing the Ocean Eastward to Reach the American Continent: The Influence of Shang Dynasty Culture on the New World Based on Oracle-Bone Inscriptions Spreading Eastward to Mexico (II)
By Yuzhou Fan Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
March 1, 2013 6919 reads
The oracle-bone inscriptions were used by the royal family of the late Shang Dynasty to record activities of their daily divinations. In fact, they also engraved texts of important meanings on bronze (Figure 8), jade (Figure 9) and stone tools. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Hidden Agenda Over Diaoyu Islands
By Peter C. Chieh
February 1, 2013 2664 reads
We had a toddler and a baby when I finished graduate studies and our lifestyle remained unchanged when we came to Waterloo in 1969. Students in the University of Waterloo took us as some of them. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A Tale of two Democracies
By Lester Lee
February 1, 2013 2182 reads
Elections earlier this month (December 2012) in the USA and China give us a chance to reflect on how each country conducts its own political process to arrive at regime changes. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China Review News: The Background, Characteristics and Influence of QE3
By Xiaofen Tan and Liting Deng Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
January 1, 2013 2540 reads
On September 13, 2012, the Federal Reserve (Fed) finally announced the launch of a third round of quantitative easing (QE3) monetary policy. The background of the QE3 introduction contains mainly two aspects: First, the 2012 European debt crisis continues to simmer and constitutes the biggest threat to global economic recovery. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Obama Should Adopt a New Approach for China
By George Koo
January 1, 2013 2291 reads
While there are numerous challenges for President Obama to tackle in his next administration, China does not have to be one of them. All we need is a fundamental change in the United States’ approach to China and the bilateral relationship. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China is Okay
By Stephen S. Roach
December 1, 2012 2305 reads
NEW HAVEN – Concern is growing that China’s economy could be headed for a hard landing. The Chinese stock market has fallen 20% over the past year, to levels last seen in 2009. Continued softness in recent data – from purchasing managers’ sentiment and industrial output to retail sales and exports – has heightened the anxiety. Long the global economy’s most powerful engine, China, many now fear, is running out of fuel. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Tsunami Debris Demonstrates How Early People Crossed the Pacific
By Charlotte Harris Rees
December 1, 2012 2498 reads
Background: Since early 2003, Mrs. Rees, an independent researcher and a graduate of Columbia International University, has diligently studied the possibility of very early arrival of Chinese to America. In 1972 her father, Dr. Hendon M. Harris, Jr., found in an antique shop in Korea an ancient Asian map which led him to write a book of almost 800 pages. That book contended that by 2200 B.C. Chinese had reached the Americas by sea. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Will China's Economy Collapse? (Ⅰ)
By Pierre A. Hanson (Heyuan Han) Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2012 2622 reads
The famous American military expert and politician Dr. George Friedman said in a 2011 interview with South Korean media that China, under the conflict of an export-oriented structure and poverty, would fall into a “crisis” in the next 10 years. His opinion was based on the single reason that China was a country with no internal economy; if Europe and the United States did not buy Chinese products, the country could not survive. In his view, China was like a hostage of the outside world. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Will China's Economy Collapse? (Ⅱ)
By Pierre A. Hanson (Heyuan Han) Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2012 3155 reads
But the good news is that the first and the second reasons given by Paul Krugman, though not sufficient to compensate completely for the negative effects of the latter two, could at least partially offset them. From the present situation 【Full Story】 【Comments】
US-China: what effect will have the Clinton Africa tour?
By Said Ahmed
October 1, 2012 2167 reads
In early August the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began an African tour that led her to Senegal, the South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, and included a meeting in Nairobi with the leaders of Somalia. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Zheng Hailin: Japanese Map Accounts for the Diaoyutai Islands to be Chinese Territory
By Hailin Zheng Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
October 1, 2012 3563 reads
The “Map of Three Provinces and 36 Islands of Ryukyu” (《琉球三省並三十六島之圖》) attached to A Comprehensive Map of the Three Countries (《三國通覽圖說》) drawn by Japanese Lin Tzu-Ping (林子平, 1738-1793) is an important document at present among the historical records retained by China, Japan, and Ryukyu (Okinawa). It accounts for the Diaoyutai Islands as a Chinese territory. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power
By Hugh White
September 1, 2012 2481 reads
Listening: Hugh White discusses his new book, The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power (ISBN 9781863955621, published by Black Inc.) 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Hailin Zheng: Statement on Sovereignty of the Diaoyutai Islands
By Hailin Zheng Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
September 1, 2012 4517 reads
The Diaoyutai Islands (釣魚台列嶼) that are located on the shallow continental shelf of the East China Sea have always been an inalienable part of Chinese territory since ancient times. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Closing Remarks of Sino-US Colloquium (II): “Trust Building”
By Patrick C. P. Ho
August 1, 2012 2332 reads
"The relationship between the United States and China will shape the 21st century." -- Obama July, 2009 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China’s Population Policy Should Be Adjusted
By China Review News Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
August 1, 2012 2349 reads
The event of forced induction of labor of 23-year-old Feng Jianmei in Shaanxi Province by the local government is destined to become a scar in the history of China's family planning. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Can China Provide the World with Another Cultural Paradigm?
By Yongnian Zheng Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
July 1, 2012 2311 reads
The development of Asian countries made them become more and more like Western countries. This is of course the victory of the West and the rise of the West, rather than the rise of Asia. Asia rises through the study of the West. This is the interpretation by most Western scholars. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Martin Jacques: Understanding the Rise of China (A TED Presentation)
By Martin Jacques
July 1, 2012 3548 reads
【Full Story】 【Comments】
Only non-action could determine right and wrong - Zhuangzi's perspective on world peace
By Chengyi Peng
June 1, 2012 2529 reads
Even though the world has entered the new millennium over a decade ago, it does not seem to be more peaceful than before. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Basic facts on China's sovereignty over Huangyan Island
By Xinhua English
June 1, 2012 2388 reads
The Philippines recently sent a warship to harass 12 Chinese fishing vessels which sailed into the waters of Huangyan Island to shelter from bad weather. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Two Factors Determine that the Euro Is Bound to Collapse
By Pierre A. Hanson (Heyuan Han) Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
May 1, 2012 4907 reads
G20 finance ministers gathered in Mexico City in late February to discuss the world economic affairs and the debt crisis in Europe was the first hot topic. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
True Meaning of Go
By Kabe Chin Translator Ching-Sung Chin
May 1, 2012 2254 reads
A cloud of apprehension hangs overhead. A bead of sweat falls from the brow of the head general. Outside, a leaf from a nearby maple tree falls ever so gently as soldiers of the famous Hei army wait in anticipation for the command to begin battle against the Bai army. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Shitai Story: A Documentary of Visiting the AiXin Assisted Educational Program in Shitai
By Xiao-Hua Guo and Lu Lijuan Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
April 1, 2012 2740 reads
This was our first visit to Shitai in Anhui Province, which left many touching stories to share with you. We are deeply moved not by the suffering of the people there, because there are sufferings everywhere, but by these people’s persistence, optimism and courage in facing the tribulations. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Ideological and Cultural Influences of China on Korea and Japan (II) --- Another Chapter to Reading the Mirrors of History
By Cheng-li Lu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
April 1, 2012 4936 reads
The era of the 33th generation of Japanese Emperor Suiko was a key period to Japan's historical development. Buddhism and Confucianism in Japan were originally introduced from Baekje. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Techo Political Socialization
By Danny H. Wang
March 1, 2012 2723 reads
According to a Gallup Poll in 2008, registered voters aged 18-29 favored President-elect Barack Obama over John McCain by almost 30%. While the youth clearly favored Obama, the competition between both candidates was more equal among the older groups. So the question begs, why did future President Barack Obama have such a huge youth approval rating over John McCain? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Ideological and Cultural Influences of China on Korea and Japan (I) --- Another Chapter to Reading the Mirrors of History
By Cheng-li Lu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
March 1, 2012 3760 reads
In my previous article "Historic Interactions among China, Korea and Japan (I) and (II): A New Chapter to Reading the Mirrors of History," I have generally described the kind of interactions of ancient China with Korea and Japan and the impacts of these interactions in terms of racial origins, politics and military aspects. This article talks about the mutual influences of their relevant ideological and cultural interactions. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Establishing the Cross-Strait Community View of History (III): Why the Community View of History Should Be Established
By Yazhong Zhang (Ya-Chung Chang) Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
February 1, 2012 2699 reads
In early October 2010, I finished writing "Establishing the Cross-Strait Community View of History (I): What Are the Existing Problems?" (China Review News, November 2011 Issue, Total No. 155th Issue; internet publication on, 12/05/2010). 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Establishing the Cross-Strait Community View of History (IV): Why the Community View of History Should Be Established
By Yazhong Zhang (Ya-Chung Chang) Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
February 1, 2012 2599 reads
The right-most column of Table 2 is the so-called Taiwan independence fundamentalism, which is the basic theory for those who sought independence prior to the democratization of Taiwan. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Preface for The Truth behind Inflation
By Sheng-Wei Wang
January 1, 2012 2716 reads
Nobel laureate U.S. economist Milton Friedman (1912-2006) once said: “Economics is a fascinating science. What fascinates people the most is its basic principles being so simple. You can write them on a piece of paper and anyone can understand them. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Balance of Power
By Christoph Frei
January 1, 2012 2586 reads
In 2010, it had become commonplace to state that the world had fundamentally changed over the past decade. Yet the events of 2011 will be remembered for the profound effects on the global energy industry. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Analyzing the Recent Unusual Moves of the United States
By Yishan Xin Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
December 1, 2011 2728 reads
The U.S. Congress passed the currency exchange rate surveillance Reform Act directed at the RMB exchange rate. Many people may think that my calling it an unusual move is a little ridiculous. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
U.S., China Must Share Asia Power
By Hugh White
December 1, 2011 2683 reads
U.S., China Must Share Asia Power 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Best Speech - Severn Suzuki
By Severn Suzuki
November 1, 2011 3276 reads
【Full Story】 【Comments】
Yazhong Zhang: Reflections on the Sixtieth Anniversary of the San Francisco Peace Treaty
By Yazhong Zhang Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2011 3083 reads
Sixty years ago today, on September 8, 1951, the San Francisco Peace Treaty was signed. In the covenant, Japan only renounced Taiwan (Formosa) and Penghu (the Pescadores) without explicitly returning them to China, thus giving the implicit legal basis of "undetermined status of Taiwan" as advocated by the United States. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A NPU Student’s Inspiration
By a Student of Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xian
October 1, 2011 2768 reads
Hello, Mr. Xiao (肖云飞)! It was a great opportunity to listen to your lecture this afternoon. I benefited a lot from it and felt much honored! From your nearly three-hour seminar, as a student, I have learned a lot of what my university has not taught me. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
From the Perpetual Foreigner to the Quintessential American (Rev. Sept 5, 2011)
By Min Zhou
October 1, 2011 2720 reads
Editor’s Note: We thank Professor Min Zhou for contributing this article to The article was first published on (2011-03-14). 【Full Story】 【Comments】
"Let’s Do It, Gary Locke": An Opportunity for China and the U.S.
By Yang Jian Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
September 1, 2011 3037 reads
Gary Locke is coming. U.S. President Barack Obama has nominated Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to succeed Jon Huntsman, Jr., to serve as U.S. ambassador to China. The U.S. Senate passed the nomination on July 27. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Editorial: China-U.S. Strategic Game in the South China Sea with Asian Neighbors
By Zugui Gao Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
September 1, 2011 2722 reads
As China's comprehensive strength and international status climb to a new height, the interaction between China and the world enters into a new phase and shows a new trend. The embodiment of this new trend is the major linkage among China, the United States and China's Asian neighbors. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Significance of Neo-Confucianism to the Modernization of China and the Reconstruction of International Order
By Gau-Jeng Ju (Gaozheng Zhu) Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
August 1, 2011 3287 reads
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the most prominent topic in the world has been the “rise of China” which affects all parties concerned. First and foremost, it affects the western countries that have led the development of the modern world during the last five hundred years; the rise of China means that the “US-Euro-centrism” is called into question and faces challenges. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Know Your Chinese Sister, Fellow Seattleites: Sister City Chongqing, That Is
By Wendy Liu
August 1, 2011 9946 reads
You’ve probably heard China sometimes described in American terms, or place names. Shanghai’s financial district is, for instance, China’s Manhattan, and Tsinghua University, China’s MIT. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Power Shift: Australia’s Future between Washington and Beijing
By Hugh White
July 1, 2011 3483 reads
Author video Part I and II: 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Andy Xie: Debt Crisis Is Fermenting: Global Economic Crisis Will Soon Arrive
By Andy Xie Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
July 1, 2011 3325 reads
The global economy is falling again. Last summer, a similar scene had appeared. The Federal Reserve System (also known as the Federal Reserve, and informally as the Fed) has reversed the downward trend by giving the global stock market a lift using the second round of quantitative easing. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Establishing the Cross-Strait Community View of History (I): What Are the Existing Problems?
By Yazhong Zhang Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2011 3443 reads
History is dead, but history education is alive; history is past, but views of history can be futuristic. Yesterday’s politics is today’s history, and today's politics is tomorrow's history. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Establishing the Cross-Strait Community View of History (II): What Are the Existing Problems?
By Yazhong Zhang Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2011 3620 reads
The proponents of Taiwan independence first used the article "Undetermined Status of Taiwan" as a portion of their view of history. The "Resolution on Taiwan's Future" (abbreviated as the “417 Resolution”) passed by the first impromptu assembly of the second session of the DPP on April 17, 1988, used it as a reason. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Contemporary Chinese America: Immigration, Ethnicity, and Community Transformation (I)
By Min Zhou
May 1, 2011 11646 reads
Outside Asia, the United States has largest ethnic Chinese population. Chinese Americans are also the oldest and largest Asian origin group in the United States. They have endured a long history of migration and settlement that dates back to the late 1840s, including more than 60 years of legal exclusion. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Contemporary Chinese America: Immigration, Ethnicity, and Community Transformation (II)
By Min Zhou
May 1, 2011 4185 reads
The majority of the Chinese American population is spreading out in outer areas or suburbs in traditional gateway cities as well as in new urban centers of Asian settlement across the country. Small suburban cities in Los Angeles and the Bay Area have also seen extraordinarily high proportions of the Chinese Americans in the general population. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Historic interactions among China, Korea and Japan (II): A new chapter to Reading the Mirrors of History
By Cheng-li Lu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
April 1, 2011 6882 reads
Tang had been at war since its middle period due to military separatism. Finally roving bandits were rampant; that is to say, peasants rose up for revolution which led to the extinction of the country. During that same period, similar scenes played out on the Korean peninsula. The Silla Dynasty reached its end after going through a chaotic middle and late period. Peasant uprisings took place and finally it was replaced by the Korean Goryeo Dynasty. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Should Japan give the Diaoyus (Senkaku) to China?
By Brad Williams
March 1, 2011 3044 reads
Japan’s arrest in September last year of a Chinese fishing boat captain for ramming Japanese Coast Guard vessels in disputed waters sparked renewed tensions with China. China’s hard-line response to the arrest and Japan’s obsequiousness during the crisis was, in many ways, a reflection of changing power relations between the two Asian giants. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Historic interactions among China, Korea and Japan (I): a new chapter to Reading the Mirrors of History
By Cheng-li Lu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
March 1, 2011 7587 reads
My book Reading the Mirrors of History was published by Yuan-Liu Publication Co. Ltd. in July 2010. The content of the book divides ancient and modern histories of East Asia into four periods and each covers several hundred years; 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Real Lesson of Pearl Harbor
By James Bradley
February 1, 2011 3304 reads
On the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks, Flags of Our Fathers author James Bradley explains how the U.S. under Teddy Roosevelt first meddled in Asian affairs--and why we're playing a dangerous game in doing so again. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Mycological Association of North American
By Weiwei Li and Xiaoyang Dai Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
February 1, 2011 5378 reads
I discovered this mushroom association from my newspaper. The Washington Post reported in this way: “On day x of month y, the Mycological Association of Washington, Inc. (including the Washington, D.C. area and its suburban Maryland and Virginia States, and the surrounding areas) will host a banquet for tasting wild mushrooms. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The perils of ignoring China ---Teddy Roosevelt's lessons for Obama
By James Bradley
January 1, 2011 3065 reads
Editor’s Note: We thank Mr. James Bradley for giving us the permission of publishing this article which first appeared on on November 16, 2010. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The American adoption family I know of
By Author Meixin Dai Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
January 1, 2011 3788 reads
In the United States when you see a White couple with a child that has black hair and yellow skin, you need not ask as you know that the child was adopted from the Orient. Our friends Bob (Robert) and Anna adopted before 2004 a baby girl Daniella from Sichuan, China. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Analyzing the quantitative easing policy
By Yishan Xin Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
December 1, 2010 3507 reads
Quantitative easing is a monetary policy by which the central bank increases the money supply through open market operations. It can be considered as creating a specified amount of money "out of nothing" and has also been simply described as printing money indirectly. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The social exchange
By Danny H. Wang
December 1, 2010 3744 reads
Imagine your university’s administration finding a picture of you dressed in drag on Facebook and expelling you for said drag. For college student Michael Guinn, being expelled from his university because of Facebook is exactly what happened. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Grand strategy for ultimately winning the international exchange rate war --- working together globally on the World Currency Primary
By Charley Fei (Shuiyu Fei) and Zhongjia Pang Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2010 4321 reads
The United States, the world currency hegemon, has recognized that the effort of using diplomatic means to pressure China one-on-one to appreciate the Renminbi (RMB) has failed. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Gaining Insight on Foreign Relations from the Perspectives of Taiwan and the Diaoyu Islands
By Ligong Yu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2010 3060 reads
On September 18 this year, the author mentioned in the article entitled "Reviewing the Past, Look into the Future from the Diaoyu Islands" that the United States, after the attack by Japan in 1941 and in order to encourage China to intensify the war against the Japanese aggression, planned the Cairo Declaration (at the end of 1943) that aimed at safeguarding the interests of China. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Towards "democracy of the twenty-first century" ──discussion on China's road of political reform: optimization, innovation and beyond (I)
By Zhongjia Pang    Final revision and English translation by Sheng-Wei Wang
October 1, 2010 4560 reads
The first draft of this article was published on July 19, 2003, by In the seven years since then, the world situation has evolved; in particular, the development and change of China and the international situation after the outbreak of the current round of financial crisis indicate that the content of this article is still relevant and remains forward-looking. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Towards "democracy of the twenty-first century"──discussion on China's road of political reform: optimization, innovation and beyond (II)
By Zhongjia Pang    Final revision and English translation by Sheng-Wei Wang
October 1, 2010 3456 reads
This shows that the dual parliament and bicameral systems, and the corresponding checks and balances, which are used by the modern democratic nations, have come to the point of requiring a serious review. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Towards "democracy of the twenty-first century"─discussion on China's road of political reform: optimization, innovation and beyond (III)
By Zhongjia Pang    Final revision and English translation by Sheng-Wei Wang
October 1, 2010 4190 reads
Based on the current system in China, the establishment of the ASC may follow the line of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) framework that has worked as a political showpiece for more than half a century. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Asymmetrical Regionalism: China, Southeast Asia and Uneven Development
By Mark Beeson
September 1, 2010 6657 reads
Is the much discussed ‘rise of China’ a threat or an opportunity for the rest of the region of which it has historically been such a dominant part? This question is an especially pressing concern for the countries of Southeast Asia as they try to come to terms with a neighbor which dwarfs them economically, strategically and even demographically. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Sino-U.S. Sister City Relations: Subnational Networks and Paradiplomacy
By Benjamin Leffel
August 1, 2010 5100 reads
**The full report can be requested from Otterbein’s Courtright Memorial Library** 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Advance of China’s State Sector: Some Implications for the China’s Economy
By Jialin Zhang
August 1, 2010 3865 reads
Since the introduction of market-oriented economic reforms in the early 1980s, China’s government has encouraged private sector growth of the national economy, and downgraded the role of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Quality Control
By Alex Lo
July1, 2010 2950 reads
When The New York Times recently ran a major story about China becoming the world's second-greatest producer of science papers after the US, the subtext was not lost on its readers. Besides challenging the United States as the pre-eminent economic power, China is also becoming a science powerhouse. What the article did not say is that quantity does not equate to quality. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
U.S. Is the Factor Affecting the Cross-Strait Mutual Trust
By Li Jiaquan Translator Sheng-Wei wang
July 1, 2010 2999 reads
Editor’s Note: We thank the editor of the China Review News for the permission of translating this article into English and publishing it on The article first appeared on, 2009-11-20 00:19:35. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China Unbound
By John Lee
June 1, 2010 3049 reads
Editor’s Note: We thank the Project Syndicate for giving us the permission to publish this article. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
No Intention of Bad-mouthing Taiwan, Justifiably Worn Down by Worry
By I-Ju Tsai Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2010 3667 reads
Editor’s Note: We thank the editor of for permitting us to translate this article into English and publish both the English and the Chinese versions on The Chinese article was first published by on February 26, 2010. 【Full Story】 【Comments】

Saving the US or Pursuing Balanced Growth? China's Dilemma in the Global Crisis
By Ho-fung Hung
May 1, 2010 4542 reads
Editor’s Note: We thank Professor Ho-fung Hung for permitting us to publish this article. An extended version entitled “America's Head Servant?”(New Left Review 60, November-December 2009) has been published on 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Rethink the Real Estate Issues in China
By Hu Zipu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
May 1, 2010 2982 reads
After several visits to the motherland, on the one hand I was happy and proud of the achievements obtained during the country's economic takeoff; on the other hand, I had a strong concern deep in my heart, in particular, about the current overheated real estate market. 【Full Story】 【Comments】

French Quarterly ChinePlus Interviews China-U.S. Friendship Exchange President Sheng-Wei Wang on Sino-U.S. Relations
Guest Sheng-Wei Wang Host Pierre Tiessen
April 1, 2010 3202 reads
Editor’s Note: The French version of this interview report will be published by the 2010 June issue of the ChinePlus. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Chinese or American? Or Both?
By Amy Ku
April 1, 2010 3120 reads
Because I grew up in white affluent neighborhoods, I never had any Asian friends until I went away to college where the majority of the friends I made were Chinese. For a really long time, before college, I did not want to have anything to do with being Chinese at all. I wanted to so desperately to be American, and only American. One may ask, what does it mean to be American? 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Letter from a Chinese Web User to U.S. President Barack Obama
By LTML Translator CHSHH Last Edited by Yeshua
March 1, 2010 3385 reads
This is a letter ( to U.S. President Barack Obama from "LTML", a Chinese Internet user. President Obama and all Americans should read it carefully and seriously. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why Antagonize China?
By George Gilder
March 1, 2010 2989 reads
While attempting to appease a long list of utterly unappeasable foes—Iran, North Korea, Hamas, Hezbollah, and even Hugo Chávez—today the U.S. treats China, perhaps our most crucial economic partner, as an adversary because it defies us on global warming, dollar devaluation, and Internet policy. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Being ABC
By Amy Ku
February 1, 2010 3744 reads
Ten years ago, if people asked me what I was, I had a default answer, “I dunno; I’m from New Jersey.” Today, if people ask me what I am, I respond “I’m Chinese, born in New Jersey.” This path to self-discovery and identity formation has not been an easy one; not to mention that it is still an ongoing journey that will most likely end, only after I have passed on, with my children or my children’s children. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Mystery of Zheng He and America
By Siu-Leung Lee
February 1, 2010 7789 reads
A 7-cm diameter plain brass medallion with the inscription “Authorized and awarded by XuanDe of Great Ming” was unearthed 4 inches under the surface, several hundred miles inland from the American east coast, 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Tiger in the Art of Chinese Language
By Peter C. Chieh
February 1, 2010 3481 reads
The big bang theory considers the universe to be still expanding, while the solar system moves with the galaxy on its own track toward a destination unknown to us. Similarly, history marches forward with a frontier we call now. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Why Does the U.S. Dollar Continue to Slide?
By Gong Shengli Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
January 1, 2010 5906 reads
Since early October 2009, the U.S. dollar, measured against a basket of currencies of other major countries, fell to a new low below that reached during the financial tsunami in 2008. This means that the trend of a weakening dollar has re-intensified and has become a general tendency that has been out of control since the start of the 21st century. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Taking Care in the Flu Season
By Peter C. Chieh
January 1, 2010 2620 reads
I am not a medical doctor or a health care worker. I claim no authority but I feel strongly about giving my opinion when I have one. Recently, the onset of the swine flu and the general flu made me sit down at the keyboard. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Response to Essays by Joseph Nye and M.D. Nalapat
By David S. Mason
December 1, 2009 4222 reads
Editor's Note: See for David S. Mason's blog associated with his book; the dialogue published on on November 1, 2009, also shows on site: 【Full Story】 【Comments】
To Live up to Nobel Peace Prize, Obama Needs China
By George Koo
December 1, 2009 3015 reads
No doubt President Barrack Obama woke up with the biggest surprise of his life when he found out that he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, he understood that the award was not for what he has done but for the vision of world peace he has been promoting. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Dialogue with Professor David S. Mason, Author of The End of the American Century
Guest: David S. Mason Host: Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2009 5069 reads
We are very happy to invite David S. Mason, professor of political science at Butler University in Indianapolis to discuss his 2009 book The End of the American Century. This new book was described by reviewers as “compelling and persuasive” and “the first to explore all of the interrelated aspects of America’s decline.” Professor Mason has published dozens of articles and six books on international politics, U.S. foreign policy, European politics and history, revolutions, public opinion, and concepts of social justice. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Comment #1: American Power in the Twenty-First Century
By Joseph S. Nye
November 1, 2009 4143 reads
The United States government’s National Intelligence Council projects that American dominance will be “much diminished” by 2025, and that the one key area of continued American superiority – military power – will be less significant in the increasingly competitive world of the future. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Comment #2: Peace, Not War, the Best Strategy
By Madhav Das Nalapat
November 1, 2009 4029 reads
Although there has been some mockery of the Nobel Committee's award of the Peace Prize to US President Barack H Obama, the choice was a recognition of a reality that has been obscured since World War II: which is that the true strength, the power, of the US vests not in its weapons or in its armies, but in the syncretistic values of the American people. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
To Simplify Or Not To Simplify Chinese Words?
By Peter Chung Chieh
October 1, 2009 3552 reads
People growing up outside Chinese culture often say: "The Chinese language is only for Chinese to learn," because they find it so difficult to learn.Slowly but surely, Chinese is becoming an important language. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Working with China
By Tom Plate
October 1, 2009 2700 reads
Editorial Note: We thank Professor Tom Plate for giving us the permission to translate this article into Chinese and publish both the English and the Chinese versions on The English article was initially published by on May 18, 2009. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Where Does the Supranational International Currency of Constant Value Come from? --New Concept and Framework of the World Currency Primary
By Charley Fei (Shuiyu Fei) and Zhongjia Pang Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
September 1, 2009 14597 reads
The strong catalytic influence of the current financial crisis has strengthened the cry for world monetary reform and turned it into a big issue that can no longer be ignored by the international financial world. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Tit-for-tat between Chinese and American Think Tanks at RAND Corporation
By Yifeng Tian Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
August 1, 2009 3119 reads
In response to an invitation of the world famous U.S. think tank, the RAND Corporation, I accompanied a delegation on a working visit to this well-known institution. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China's Attempts to Reform Rural Land Rights
By Jialin Zhang
August 1, 2009 3669 reads
Ever since China embarked on its economic reforms some 30 years ago, the country’s agricultural development has always lagged behind overall economic growth. The income gap between farmers and urban residents also consistently increased, making rural areas one of the unstable factors in China’s political and economic life. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How East Asians View Democracy (I)
By Andrew J. Nathan, Yun-han Chu and Joanne J. Myers
July 1, 2009 5534 reads
China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc. thanks the Carnegie Council, Madeleine Lynn, Web and Print Editor of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and the three experts and scholars of this talk for generously giving the permission for translating the transcript into Chinese and publishing both versions on The transcript and author introductions were first published on on November 10, 2008. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How East Asians View Democracy (II)
By Andrew J. Nathan, Yun-han Chu and Joanne J. Myers
July 1, 2009 3974 reads
Table 1.3: What do people think it is? We asked an open-ended question. It's the only open-ended question in this survey: "What does democracy mean to you?" It's very expensive in survey research to ask an open-ended question, because your interviewer has to write it down and somebody else has to code it into categories. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Examine the Translocation of the Victorious and the Defeated Nations through the Issue of Taiwan Status
By Ligong Yu Translator Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2009 3933 reads
On May 1, Masaki Saito, the Office Chief of Japan's Interchange Association in Taipei made a public statement in Taiwan saying "Taiwan's status is undetermined." 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Liu Qiu Islands (Ryukyu Islands) Is No Japanese Territory--It Should Resume Independence as a Buffer Zone
By Tieh-lin Yin
June 1, 2009 5772 reads
Japan lost all its occupied foreign territories such as Korea, Taiwan and the Liu Qiu Islands in 1945 after its unconditional surrender in World War II as agreed upon by all victorious allied nations. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Would GM Get a Party Secretary, Chinese Style?
By Wendy Liu
June 1, 2009 3106 reads
I may not know very well the significance behind the 50-some-year-old saying: "What's good for General Motors is good for the country". I also do not quite follow the complex discussions over GM's probable bankruptcy. But I have no doubt about what I have seen in GM in the past few months of this ongoing bailout saga: trappings of a China-type SOE, or state-owned-enterprise. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Does High Seas Drama Portend Economic Doom for the U.S.?
By George Koo
May 1, 2009 2922 reads
The U.S. and Chinese military appeared to be engaged in another round of brinksmanship. Eight years ago, it was over a collision of planes over Hainan Island. This time, it is the near collision of ships on the high seas near Hainan. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Last Generation of Nei Di Ren
By Huai-Nan Xin Translator K. C. Lu
May 1, 2009 3149 reads
The last generation of Nei Di Ren (people from the hinterland) refers to a group of people who were born between 1937 and 1950 in mainland China or Hong Kong, grew up in Taiwan, and now reside in the United States. We are a minority among minorities. Fifty years from now, when Chinese historians study this period, they will find that we, the Nei Di Ren, are a unique group of people. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Rubbish by Rottenwood
By Yi-Cheng Chang
April 1, 2009 2914 reads
The letter below was first published on February 11, 2009, by the Indian Tribune, a weekly journal for thinking Indians. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Who Killed Wall Street?
By Gong Shengli Translators Sheng-Wei Wang and Julian Loui
April 1, 2009 3344 reads
Editorial Note: This article was written in late 2008 by the author while President Bush was still in office. It helps us to track back the development of this financial crisis since its beginning. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Crosstalk with Dr. Thomas P. M. Barnett, Author of Great Powers: America and the World After Bush
Guest: Thomas P. M. Barnett Host: Sheng-Wei Wang
March 1, 2009 6680 reads
We are very happy to invite Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett to our Crosstalk interview. This is the first time that the China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc. hosts an interview with a renowned expert on U.S.-China relations. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
10 Comments by Experts and Readers on “Crosstalk with Dr. Thomas P. M. Barnett, Author of Great Powers: America and the World After Bush”
By Tze-chung Li Edward MacLean Peter Chung Chieh Yi-Cheng Chang George Koo Michael Levy Anonymous Readers
March 1, 2009 5032 reads
This Crosstalk was hosted by Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, President, China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc. (For this email interview report, please see, 03/01/2009) 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Undeniable Trajectory: Deng Chose Wisely
By Thomas P. M. Barnett
February 1, 2009 4099 reads
An excerpt from Thomas P.M. Barnett’s new book Great Powers: America and the World After Bush 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Foreign Policy of the United States and General Sun Li-jen
By Peter Chung Chieh
February 1, 2009 4783 reads
Sun Li-jen (1899 - 1990), the ever victorious General, is one of the most admired and respected figures in modern Chinese history. He was an engineer, a scholar, a soldier, and most important of all, an able general whose soldiers always won in battles. General Sun, having done no wrong, never suspected his countrymen to harm him. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Goodbye Rat and Hello Ox
By Peter Chung Chieh
January 1, 2009 2990 reads
We have had good times and bad times. I faced the question of survival during my childhood. Yet, folks came to my rescue. These benefactors played their parts in shaping what I am today, and to them I am forever grateful. Wishing them a happy Chinese New Year brings happiness to all. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Reasons Why Obama Needs New Start with China
By George Koo
January 1, 2009 3270 reads
This article first appeared on

The Barack Obama administration takes office in January on the promise of change, and one of the most critical changes he can make is to reboot US relations with China based on mutual respect and shared interests. A strong and positive alliance with China is more important now than ever. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
New Rules Needed for Hong Kong's "Big Market, Small Government" Concept
(Letter to the Editor The Standard, Hong Kong)
By Kam-tim Siu
December 1, 2008 4744 reads
The mainland is not alone anymore in its state and macroeconomic controls, as seen by the buying of financial institutions by the United States and European countries. It is a controversial issue politically. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Interview Addresses U.S. Meeting Challenges in Its World Role and Relations with China (I)
Guest Sheng-Wei Wang Interviewer Andrew Evans
December 1, 2008 3355 reads
Transcript adapted from the audio file produced by, which records live interview of Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, President of the China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, by Andrew Evans, Chairman of the American Centrist Party (ACP), in the ACP Center Lane Internet Radio Show on 10/02/2008. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Interview Addresses U.S. Meeting Challenges in Its World Role and Relations with China (II)
Guest Sheng-Wei Wang Interviewer Andrew Evans
December 1, 2008 3488 reads
Transcript adapted from the audio file produced by, which records live interview of Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, President of the China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, by Andrew Evans, Chairman of the American Centrist Party (ACP), in the ACP Center Lane Internet Radio Show on 10/02/2008.. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Indian Style (II)
By Calvin Tatsey
November 1, 2008 3478 reads
When I was a little kid by Willow Creek, I went over there to catch frogs. I started imitating those elders, ceremonially. I started singing some songs. These two muskrats swam up the creek and they went on the other side of the bank, crawled out of the water and sat there looking at me. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Indian Style (I)
By Calvin Tatsey
November 1, 2008 4587 reads
Below, is a Picture of my Nawtoo (Holy) Ohtikunni (Medicine Chief) and Brother-in-the-Indian-way. It was taken on February 24, 2006 by my wife. He's pictured near his home at the time, the small-trailer. He's since moved up-in-the-World, and doesn't occupy the residence full-time anymore. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Religion: Letter to Sarah
By Julian Loui
November 1, 2008 3227 reads
Dear Sarah,

You asked me a very interesting question the other day. You said "Do you have religion?" 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Selling America and the Rest of the World Short
By Michael Levy
October 1, 2008 3296 reads
"Oh! How the mighty have fallen", is a quote from the Old Testament that pertains to the collapse of past dynasties. In today's world, it deals with the downfall of the major infrastructure of capital markets in the USA and the systemic fallout all around the world. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Current Black Sea Imbroglio: A Challenge to World Peace
By Ravindra Kumar
October 1, 2008 3134 reads
For centuries, due to its geographical status, the Black Sea region has been important particularly for the countries located around it. For them it has been the chief way of transportation. It is also important from the strategic point of view as it is close to the regions like the Caucasus, Tatarstan and Bashkorostan, which are known as oil-rich regions of the world. Furthermore, the Black Sea region is the only path through which a potential rival could threaten a powerful country like Russia from this area. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China's Gold Rush
By Paul H. Tai
September 1, 2008 6209 reads
This article has also been published in July 2008 by The ELM, a monthly e-magazine. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A Drop of Truth and a Barrel of Propaganda
By Michael Levy
September 1, 2008 3346 reads
It takes time to take a misrepresentation of authentic facts, turn it into propaganda and then hear prestigious and distinguished voices talk their truth which has grown out of the original fallacy. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
From Mourning Mao to Mourning the Masses
By Wendy Liu
August 1, 2008 3538 reads
The whole China stopped for three minutes, people, work, traffic, with everybody standing in silence, heads bowed, with only sirens wailing and horns blaring, from Beijing to Nanjing, from Qinghai to Shanghai. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Reviewing the Evolution of Property Rights in China
By Jialin Zhang
August 1, 2008 3789 reads
To promote a market economy, a society must have unambiguous, secure and alienable property rights. For over two thousand years, the concept of private property rights in China never existed. After the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC), land ownership in China became dualistic: urban land belonged to the state, and rural land was owned by the collective. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How Well Do You Know Tibet? Or More Importantly, How Well Do You Know the Media and Politicians? (I)
By Yi-Cheng Chang
July 1, 2008 3599 reads
In the Tang Dynasty (over 1100 years ago), Princess Wencheng (a daughter) of the Tang Emperor, was married to a tribe leader in Tibet. The relationship between the Tibetan and Han and other ethnic groups had been largely in harmony for over 1000 years. (Han is the majority ethnic group in China.) 【Full Story】 【Comments】
How Well Do You Know Tibet? Or More Importantly, How Well Do You Know the Media and Politicians? (II)
By Yi-Cheng Chang
July 1, 2008 3623 reads
In the Tang Dynasty (over 1100 years ago), Princess Wencheng (a daughter) of the Tang Emperor, was married to a tribe leader in Tibet. The relationship between the Tibetan and Han and other ethnic groups had been largely in harmony for over 1000 years. (Han is the majority ethnic group in China.) 【Full Story】 【Comments】
China and the World - Expert Speaks on the Country's Changing Role
Reporter Bhumika Ghimire Guest Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang
June 1, 2008 3745 reads
Published at News Front (Nepal) and Samaya Weekly (Nepali translation) on May 19, 2008, and the popular South Korean news Web site, which register as many as 15 million visits per day. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
New Book, China's Ascendancy: Opportunity or Threat? and Book Reviews (9-11)
By Sheng-Wei Wang ( or
May 1,2008 3698 reads
China's Ascendancy by Sheng-Wei Wang is an extremely important book - a must read for a wide range of people whether they are governmental, military, business professionals, journalists, academics, or students. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
An Open Letter to The Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, U.S. House of Representatives
By One China Committee and China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc.
May 1, 2008 3531 reads
We support your position that the current unrest in Tibet should be resolved through peaceful dialogue between the Dalai Lama and the Chinese authorities. Such a dialogue is in fact taking place between the representatives of the Dalai Lama and the Chinese authority (see, April 14, 2008). 【Full Story】 【Comments】
New Book, China's Ascendancy: Opportunity or Threat? and Book Reviews (1-8)
By Sheng-Wei Wang
April 1, 2008 3741 reads
Definitely a "must read" book! With interdisciplinary training and multicultural background... 【Full Story】 【Comments】
A Roadmap for Improved Sino-U.S. Relations and Global Stability in the 21st Century
By Sheng-Wei Wang
April 1, 2008 3462 reads
Text adapted from the audio file produced and provided by Francis Steffan, which records Sheng-Wei Wang's interview by the hosts of The Dr. Gianni Hayes' Radio Show... 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Tibet Unrest
By Frank Ching
April 1, 2008 3404 reads
Just as Beijing prepares to bask in the glow of international acceptance of a rising, peaceful China... 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Problematic The One Child Family-China
By Dr. Matt Marko, Ph.D.
March 1, 2008 3965 reads
The one child policy of China, while understandable that something was needed to be done due to the extreme population here, has also had its repercussions in the aspect of child rearing. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Convoluted Memories Over Chinese New Year
By Peter C. Chieh
March 1, 2008 3160 reads
Chinese New Year (CNY) brings me convoluted memories. Celebrations continue. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Great Radio Show
By Sheng-Wei Wang
February 1, 2008 3817 reads
Great Radio Show on WEDNESDAY, February 27, 2008: 9:00-10:00PM EST (EAST COAST TIME): "China's Ascendancy: Opportunity or Threat?" - A Roadmap for Improved Sino-U.S. Relations and Global Stability in the 21st Century 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Pizza Cathay
By Alijandra Mogilner
February 1, 2008 3738 reads
When visiting China on business, your hosts will make sure you see local sights and are treated to some of the wonderful foods in that area. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Unification of Taiwan: Chinese Americans' Challenge
By Tze-Chung Li
January 1, 2008 4034 reads
Taiwan is an integral part of China. Taiwan and China separated as a result of civil war in 1949, and since then have been governed separately. They are two political entities in China, but not two Chinas. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Indispensable Review of the Policy toward Taipei
By Litai Xue
December 1, 2007 3483 reads
Taiwan's planned referendum on United Nations membership may damage its crucial ties to the United States, but President Chen Shui-bian will most likely continue to mobilize his supporters to defy American pressure and see the proposal through. Some of Chen's family members are being chased by his own prosecutors in criminal cases. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
Stopping a Nuclear Arms Race between America and China (III)
By Hugh White
Posted December 1, 2007 3356 reads
The idea of a deal like this has been raised occasionally as a possibility in the academic literature for some years, [24] and Kim Beazley sketched the case in a speech in Beijing in 2004. [25] But it is far from the political agendas in the US or China at present. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
The Globalization You Do Not Know About
By Yuzhong Zhai Translator SOL Tung
November 1, 2007 5629 reads
From the ancient free trade theory of the British Empire to the present day theory of globalization, the right to speak has been the basis for hegemony in human economic history. 【Full Story】 【Comments】
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