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07/01/2020 No. 157
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07/01/2020  Rivers of Babylon, Sugar Sugar, More Than I Can Say, Forever and Ever, Mississippi, Guantanamera and more
06/01/2020  Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”, and more
05/01/2020  “Sweet Bye and Bye” (好事快來了) - by Walter C. Stier and more
04/01/2020  Celine Tam (谭芷昀) singing《Who I am》, and more
03/01/2020  “Wait for the storm to pass” (张学友 周杰伦《等风雨经过》) and more
02/01/2020  Shanxi Folk Song “Embroidering a Pouch” (绣荷包)
01/01/2020  Happy Chinese New Year Songs 2020
12/01/2019  Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School in Taiwan won the championship with a song “Dedication” in “The 9th Busan International Choir Festival” competition (成功高中 以一曲《奉獻》奪冠) and more
11/01/2019  Song Zuying Bird's Nest Concert (宋祖英鸟巢音乐会)
10/01/2019  Cha Cha and more
09/01/2019  霍尊《One night in 北京》北京一夜 and more
08/01/2019  Melbourne Shuffle (曳步舞 · 鬼步舞) and Chinese square dance (广场舞)
07/01/2019  Chinese Square Dances
06/01/2019  Li Yugang (李玉剛) singing Chrysanthemum Terrace(菊花台)
05/01/2019  A Chinese student at Stanford University playing Chinese drums
04/01/2019  Hong Kong Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO; 香港青少年管弦樂團) 2016 Airport Flash mob Performance [Official]
03/01/2019  “Dance of the Golden Snake” (“Jazz版 《金蛇狂舞》 指揮/閻惠昌 《Dance of the Golden Snake》”
02/01/2019  “Mix - Chinese New Year Music - Full of Joy (Xi Yang Yang ) 喜洋洋
01/01/2019  Zhou Shen (周深) singing Lake Baikal (《贝加尔湖畔》)
12/01/2018  Pu Su (樸樹) sings “The Birch Forest” (白樺林) and more
11/01/2018  Jeffrey Li (李成宇) sings “The Cloud of Hometown” and more
10/01/2018  譚芷昀 sings “A Moment Like This” and more
08/01/2018  Hua Chenyu (华晨宇) performing “Fake Monk” (“假行僧”; HCY Rendition) in the 10th round of the Singer 2018 competition
07/01/2018  A female chorus singing “Song of the Red Bean” (【红豆词】)
06/01/2018  Henry Huo (Huo Zun  霍尊) singing “Flower’s Heart” and more:
05/01/2018  Folk song of the Chinese Korean National Minority “阿里郎 Arirang,” sung in Chinese by Li Hanxi(李函曦)and more
04/01/2018  Suona Solo “A Hundred Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix” (唢呐吹奏“百鸟朝凤”)
03/01/2018  Hang Hong singing “Dawn” (韩红《天亮了》) and more (3 songs)
02/01/2018  Chinese New Year songs
01/01/2018  Celine Tam & Jeffrey Li - You Raise Me Up | Miss World 2017 Fantastic Performance
12/01/2017  Silent Night
11/01/2017  Yo-Yo Ma, Kathryn Stott - The Swan (Saint-Saens) and more
10/01/2017  A little girl who sings like a pro - You Raise Me Up Cover by Celine Tam
09/01/2017  Hong Kong’s 9-year old Celine Tam: A Cute Little Girl But When She Opens Her Mouth WOW!! | America's Got Talent 2017
08/01/2017  “Endless Love" by Hong Kong Pure strings (不了情):
07/01/2017  Chinese graduation song(懷舊畢業歌~~青青校樹; 李叔同弘一法師)
06/01/2017  Chinese folk song (二胡演奏-真的好想你)
05/01/2017  Chinese folk song
04/01/2017  Chinese folk song
03/01/2017  The sun has come out and we are so happy
02/01/2017  Taiwan folk songs played by erhu
01/01/2017  Chines New Year song 2017
12/01/2016  Taiwan folk songs
11/01/2016  Sound of Silence
10/01/2016  Tibetan Plateau
09/01/2016  Paul Anka – Papa
08/01/2016  We are the world
07/01/2016  Folk Songs are like Spring Waters
06/01/2016  “Let it be me” and “Close to you”
05/01/2016  The Dull Ice Flower
04/01/2016  Kangding love story and liuliu song
03/01/2016  Top 10 Live of Tan Weiwei
02/01/2016  Lincoln Center Dragon Dance Drumming
01/01/2016  In a Far Away Land
12/01/2015  My Motherland
11/01/2015  Music Fountain in Qiubei
10/01/2015  Chrysanthemum Flower Bed
09/01/2015  Song of The Burial of Flowers
08/01/2015  Thousands of Horses Are Galloping
07/01/2015  My heart will go on
06/01/2015  Chinese traditional musical instruments playing Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35
05/01/2015  Jasmine in China
04/01/2015  Hello, Mulan
03/01/2015  I Sing Beijing
02/01/2015  24 Traditional Chinese New Year Songs
01/01/2015  Xi Da Da loves Pang Ma Ma
12/01/2014  O Holy Night
11/01/2014  Blossoms under the Full Moon
10/01/2014  The Green Tea Leaves
09/01/2014  “The Tennessee Waltz” and “I Went to Your Wedding” sung by Patti Page (1927 - 2013)
08/01/2014  “Dances of the Youths” (《青春舞曲》)
07/01/2014  “The Cloud of the Hometown” (《故乡的云》)
06/01/2014  The “Kangding Love Song”
05/01/2014  Ma Ying-jeou (when he was the Minister of Justice, 馬英九任法務部長時期) singing “When it comes to love” (新鴛鴦蝴蝶夢)
04/01/2014  “Learn Chinese tongue twister - The Monk and the Mute”
03/01/2014  You Raise Me Up (你鼓舞了我) sung by Martin Hurkens
02/01/2014  The Olive Tree sung by Chyi Yu (齊豫, 橄欖樹)
01/01/2014  Chinese New Year Music - Full of Joy (Xi Yang Yang, 喜洋洋)
12/01/2013  “Why are flowers so red?” sung by Dolan (花儿为什么这样红--刀郎):
11/01/2013  Miao folk song My Hometown Flavor sung by Lei Yan (苗族新民歌: 家乡的味道 雷艳)
04/01/2010  Ami Dance Music played in erhu by Yu Hongmei (阿美族舞曲/二胡--于红梅)
09/01/2013  Sons and Daughters of the Rainbow(藏族歌舞《彩虹儿女》)
08/01/2013  Jasmine Blossoms (茉莉花)
07/01/2013  Inner Mongolia Song - Qinghai Lake (青海湖)
06/01/2013  Granny's Penghu Bay (外婆的澎湖灣)
05/01/2013  A collection of beautiful guitar music
04/01/2013  Shan Xi folk song “Embroider Pouch” (山西民歌 绣荷包)
03/01/2013  A Little Flower sung by Yan Yang (楊燕 一朵小花)
02/01/2013  Gong Xi Fa Cai! (恭喜發財 Happy New Year! May you have a prosperous year!)
01/01/2013  “On the Horizon” (天邊)
12/01/2012  99 Bends in the Yellow River
11/01/2012  "Tear Drops Falling in the Forest" by Wang Hongwei
10/01/2012  Half a Moon Climbs Up (半个月亮爬上来)
09/01/2012  Under That Silver Moonlight by Luobin Wang (王洛賓 -《在銀色的月光下》)
08/01/2012  Lovers Tent-Rendezvous (敖包相會)
07/01/2012  Chrysanthemum Flower Bed
06/01/2012  Tell me why
05/01/2012  Night on the Prairie (草原之夜)
04/01/2012  Dreaming of Home and Mother
03/01/2012  Horse Racing played by Huifen Min
02/01/2012  The Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concerto
01/01/2012  Chinese folk song Roseate Clouds Chasing the Moon (彩云追月)
12/01/2011  The most beautiful rendition of Ave Maria
11/01/2011  Pearl of the East (東方之珠)
10/01/2011  Taiwanese folk song Craving for the Wind of Spring (望春風, 台灣民謠)
09/01/2011  the Taiwan folk song Girl of Alisan (阿里山的姑娘) by Timi Zhou (卓依婷)
07/01/2011  The Road that Touches the Clouds by Han Hong (韩红 《天路》)
06/01/2011  12 Girls Band (女子十二樂坊) playing Alamuhan (阿拉木汗)!
05/01/2011  Xinjiang Uyghur Folk Song - 掀起你的盖头来
04/01/2011  Dance with Chinese Music
03/01/2011  Flower in The Rainy Night (《雨夜花》) by Feng, Fei Fei (鳳飛飛), a Taiwanese folk song (臺灣民謠) since 1934.
02/01/2011  Three beauties play together A Place Far Far Away: Yu Hongmei in green-color dress (erhu), Zhao Cong (pipa) and Chen Yue (Chinese flute) (三美女共奏一曲《在那遥远的地方》, 于红梅(二胡)、赵聪(琵琶)、陈悦(笛子)
01/01/2011  Tibetan Plateau (青藏高原) by Sonam Wangmo (索朗旺姆)
05/01/2010  Yani's Nightingale (夜莺)
04/01/2010  Serenade of Green Island (Taiwan)
03/01/2010  Roadshow68XChina from an Unusual American William Ying
06/01/2009  Susan Boyle's Singing
05/01/2009  Ke Xu's Erhu Music
12/01/2007  Lang Lang's Piano Music
11/01/2007  Yo-yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble
10/01/2007  Silk Road Music
09/01/2007  Erhu Master Benjamin Sun
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