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12/01/2019 No. 148
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Website Introduction  
This website aims at improving the Sino-U.S. relations and promoting peace between the mainland and Taiwan. It is published at a critical juncture in Chinese and American history when both countries can celebrate a fruitful mutual engagement, yet face some uncertainties for their long-term interactions.
It is run by the China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc., which was founded in Northern California in September 2006 by Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, a scholar, writer and media figure. The site will host monthly web publications by invited experts on major China-U.S. issues and related Taiwan topics. Forums and book publications are planned as the website further expands in the future.
New Articles  
12/01/2019   3 things the West gets wrong about Chinese Millennials | Zak Dychtwald | TEDxQingboSt
By Zak Dychtwald
Most often when Westerners look at China they look at one of two things: either a big, "Communist" government, which we find scary, or a rising, robust macro-economy, which we find exciting.
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12/01/2019   US passing Hong Kong human rights and democracy act will only ‘punish the wrong people’: ex-Trump envoy Susan Thornton
By John Power
Susan Thornton, formerly America’s most senior diplomat in East Asia, says the bill is a ‘huge mistake’ and reflects misconceptions in the US about China’s rise
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12/01/2019   Why Singaporeans don’t back Hong Kong protests
By Joshua Lok
With a similar colonial past, territorial size and economic success, Singapore and Hong Kong serve as mutual yardsticks for progress and remain competitors at the forefront of the Asia-Pacific region.
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In this publication, we offer 1) “Why Singaporeans don’t back Hong Kong protests” by Joshua Lok; 2) “US passing Hong Kong human rights and democracy act will only ‘punish the wrong people’: ex-Trump envoy Susan Thornton” by John Power; and 3) “3 things the West gets wrong about Chinese Millennials | Zak Dychtwald | TEDxQingboStby Zak Dychtwald.

In the Books & Writings Section, we have The last journey of the San Bao Eunuch, Admiral Zheng He by Sheng-Wei Wang, in which suggested navigational routes, timelines and evidence relating to the seventh (and last) voyage of Admiral Zheng He (郑和) are extracted for the first time, from a 1597 novel entitled An Account of the Western World Voyage of the San Bao Eunuch (《三宝太监西洋记》) by Luo Maodeng (罗懋登)..

In the Music Section, we have Taipei Municipal Chenggong High School in Taiwan won the championship with a song “Dedication” in “The 9th Busan International Choir Festival” competition (成功高中 以一曲《奉獻》奪冠) and more:













地點:Ingleside at King Farm/Ellicott Room

住址:701 King Farm Blvd, Rockville, MD 20850











第廿一回的「寫···聚」於11/9舉行,有十位文友出席,一一評論了六篇文章。評論時,有人偏重在「文以載道」,有人強調寫作技巧,也就是如何將想表達的內容清晰、精準、有效地傳達給讀者。十一月份是感恩的月份,「寫···聚」的文友感恩一年來免費的場地、咖啡以及服務,自由樂捐了近兩百元給Ingleside老人中心的「感謝員工基金」(Employee Appreciation Fund)。該日早上,InglesideBazaar義賣會,不少文友 都來淘寶,還真的淘到不少珍品,休息時大家拿出把玩、欣賞,互相觀摩,很是興奮。年老了,就是把曾經的珍藏清清理理、棄棄捨捨,一一樂捐出來。喜購玩物,緣聚一場,多年以後,即使依依難捨,也將一一忍捨。文友們也送了一張「卡輕感恩重」的感謝卡給方映荷女士,感謝她每個月都為「寫···聚」安排聚會場地。








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Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, President
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