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10/01/2018 No. 134
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Website Introduction  
This website aims at improving the Sino-U.S. relations and promoting peace between the mainland and Taiwan. It is published at a critical juncture in Chinese and American history when both countries can celebrate a fruitful mutual engagement, yet face some uncertainties for their long-term interactions.
It is run by the China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc., which was founded in Northern California in September 2006 by Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, a scholar, writer and media figure. The site will host monthly web publications by invited experts on major China-U.S. issues and related Taiwan topics. Forums and book publications are planned as the website further expands in the future.
New Articles  
10/01/2018   Does Trump Have a Strategy to Run the US? Yes, But...
Mainstream and Organic Views
By Ifay Chang
Donald Trump was an unusual Presidential candidate. His campaign style was unusual, combative, rude, impromptu and rash in presentation. His tweets were also unusual, but he was successful in getting millions of followers and created a new political fad, now adopted by many politicians.
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10/01/2018   Trade War
By Yung-Sheng Cha
It looks like Trump is determined to start a trade war with China. Similarly, China does not appear to back down from the threat of an all-out trade war with the U. S. It is difficult to predict what is going to happen because Trump is unpredictable and he is changing the goalposts all along the way.
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09/01/2018   Never mind the trade war, this is how China and the US can both get what they want
By Andrew Leung
The US'concerns about China aren't just shared by other countries, they also align with the mainland's own goals for its future.
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In this publication, we offer 1) “Trade War” by Yung-Sheng Cha; and 2) “Does Trump Have a Strategy to Run the US? Yes, But… Mainstream and Organic Views” by Ifay Chang.

In the Music Section, Celine Tam 譚芷昀 sings “A Moment Like This” and more:


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Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, President
China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc.
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