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06/01/2020 No. 156
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Books & Writings
Kat Vespucci Takes Taiwan (English-Chinese Bilingual Edition)
By Ingrid Anders Translator Ching-sung Chin
February 1, 2015

Author Talk with Ingrid Anders


Ingrid Anders, a DC Public Library employee and author of the Kat Vespucci series, and translator Ching-sung Chin have spoken on December 16, 2014, at West End Library about their joint work, Kat Vespucci Takes Taiwan (English-Chinese Bilingual Edition). The novel is unique in that it is written in both English and Mandarin, with English on the left page and Mandarin on the right page. The author and translator read an excerpt from the novel and followed with a discussion on culture, the writing process, and the art and science of translation.
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