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By Sheng-Wei Wang
September 1, 2012

In this publication, we offer 1) “The China Choice: Why America Should Share Power” by Professor Hugh White; and 2) “Hailin Zheng: Statement on Sovereignty of the Diaoyutai Islands” by Professor Hailin Zheng.


In the Music Section, we have “Under That Silver Moonlight” by Luobin Wang (王洛賓 -《在銀色的月光下》) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_eqo4Jvdq0&feature=related  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3UMOgAPDkc


This is a Xinjiang folk song which originated from a Russian (Tatar) folk song. In 1938, Luobin Wang - King of Folk Singer in China's Western Regions, adapted it in Xinjiang into a Mandarin-language song. Although he unfairly spent almost 20 years in jail, his pursuit of composition never stopped, and his songs won universal praise in China.


This song presents a young man falling in love, but he found the girl abandoning his love, escaping and hiding away. This was a part of the author’s own experience.


王洛賓 -《在銀色的月光下》



在那金色沙灘上 灑著銀色的月光

尋找往事蹤影      往事蹤影迷茫

尋找往事蹤影      往事蹤影迷茫


往事蹤影迷茫      有如幻夢一樣

你在何處躲藏      背棄我的姑娘

你在何處躲藏      背棄我的姑娘


往事蹤影迷茫      有如幻夢一樣

你在何處躲藏      背棄我的姑娘

你在何處躲藏      背棄我的姑娘


我騎在馬上          天一樣的飛翔

飛呀飛我的馬      朝著他去的方向

飛呀飛我的馬      朝著他去的方向


往事蹤影迷茫      有如幻夢一樣

你在何處躲藏      背棄我的姑娘

你在何處躲藏      背棄我的姑娘


在那金色沙灘上  灑著銀色的月光

尋找往事蹤影      往事蹤影迷茫

尋找往事蹤影      往事蹤影迷茫



《在银色的月光下》    <Under the Silver Moonlight>

作詞:王洛賓             LyricsLuobin Wang

在那金色沙滩上           On the vast golden sands

洒着银白月光              Moonlight is silvery shine

寻找往事踪影              Recollect the bygone life

往事踪影迷茫              Vivid scene turns hazy


往事踪影迷茫               Vivid scene turns hazy

犹如幻梦一样               Like a dream as misty

你在何处躲藏               Why you left without a trace

背弃我的姑娘               Left me alone, so far away


我骑在马背上               Spurring the horse on the way

箭一样的飞翔               I will try to find thee

飞呀飞呀我的马           Flying and flying for my chase

朝着她去的方向           Follow the back toward thee


For singing in English, please click http://www.51wma.com/sort/9_3711_182265.html for the Swedish singer Sofia Kallgren.



The 37th Chinese American Professionals Association Annual Symposium

National Agriculture Library Conference Room, Beltsville, Maryland, September 22, 2012

Symposium Themes: (1) New Drug Research & Development and (2) Water Resources & Sustainable Environments


The 37th Chinese American Professionals Association Annual Symposium will be held at National Agriculture Library Conference Room (10301 Baltimore Avenue, Be1tsville, Maryland 20705) on September 22, 2012. Its themes are New Drug Research & Development and Water Resources & Sustainable Environments.


The symposium will start at 8:30AM with the opening remarks. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Chang Yi Wang from United Biomedical, Inc. with a presentation on “Reflection and Renewed Determination on the Commercialization of Site-Specific Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics”. Afterwards, Dr. Herren Wu from MedImmune, LLC, will chair the morning session on “New Drug Research & Development”, including 3 oral presentations. The afternoon session on “Water Resources & Sustainable Environments” will be chaired by Dr. Chen-Yu Yen from Gannett Fleming, LLC, consisting of 4 oral presentations. The symposium will end at 5PM.


The Symposium will be open to the public and be free of charge, but the registration will be needed for head counts for free lunch boxes provided to the attendees. The allowable capacity of the library is only 250 people. Please register as early as possible on the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dC1xeHRRLXIwblVjRE8yQkdJMWJTYnc6MQ


The registration can also be accepted by e-mailing the following people.

Samson Luk, President (Samluk42@yahoo.com)

Chen Cheng-tyng, Planning (rpctchen@yahoo.com )

Grace Wei, Adviser (grace.wei@gmail.com)

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