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By Sheng-Wei Wang
November 1, 2010

In this publication, we offer 1) “Grand strategy for ultimately winning the international exchange rate war --- working together globally on the World Currency Primary” by Charley Fei (Shuiyu Fei) and Zhongjia Pang; and 2) “Gaining Insight on Foreign Relations from the Perspectives of Taiwan and the Diaoyu Islands” by Ligong Yu.


Comment from Professor Peter Chieh, Canada


I read some of this month's [October’] articles. It is true that the politics is no longer the same. Democracy is failing. Voting rate is only 35%. Canada has many parties, and the election results do not reflect people's choice.


Comment from Yendor (I)

I respect your yearnings for democracy and references to Western thought and governances. The Western democracies have further weaknesses that are not addressed by Zhongjia Pang. One-vote rule has been superseded by corruptible leaders that do not care about majority opinion but pander to fanatical minorities. For example in the United States only a small group (28% by a late Pew Research Poll) consider it important to reduce industrial production and jobs to stop global warming. Yet the United States is following Europe's methods to criminalize the production of CO2. However a much larger number of people do not believe in killing the preborn. Yet this is the most protected industry in the United States by the governments. The economy and creation of jobs is the most important issue for Americans. But the present administration continues to discourage job creation with more taxes and regulations on employers. They are following the Japanese model that has created debt that is about twice the total GDP. The problem is the media may promote will of a minority and demonize the will of the majority as seen in the United States. The education industry is controlled by the federal governing leaders and joins the oppression of information and endless promotion of government preferred ideals.

Comment from Yendor (II)


The structural changes that you propose make a lot more sense than my own government's hysteria. My business is an exporter to China. We fear trade retaliations if our President makes good on his threats. Do you remember the first word from our President's mouth after election? China manipulates its currency.


Comment from an Unnamed Reader


I appreciate the summary of goal and progress of democratization by Zhongjia Pang. His closing paragraph sadly parrots the American doomsayers from 50 years ago, but the article does not give the whole American tragedy. The doomsayers saw America's decline because America's wisdom was marginalized. The error in the American system was traditional wisdom was rejected by political leadership. The wisdom, respect and values of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs were replaced with disrespect, carelessness and placing values on "new ideas" as if they were automatically better. But wisdom is not for sale like a new song or painting. If China does not carry her wisdom from Confucius, Buddha and the emerging Christian minority into her reforms, then China will also become soulless. Without wisdom there is no respect. Without respect there are no morals. Without morals China will also become obsessed with drugs and materialism. Family will become as meaningless as for most Americans. Is this what China wants?




2010-10-7 讀者韓元秀评论 迈向二十一世纪民主──试论中国政改优化创新超越之路 (I) (II) (III) (IV)” , 作者 庞忠甲 2010101




2010-5-4 讀者评论一位中国网民致美国总统奥巴马的信作者 中国网民LTML201031




2009-3-5 讀者评论中国的黄金潮,作者 戴鴻超,200891日:


蒋介石到底拿了多少黄金到台湾? 据二○○七年台北出版的〖黄金档案- 国府黄金运台湾一九四九年〗(是贵网提到的吴兴镛写的),引了大量资料,是比较可信的,总量是近四百万两,但比起解放后,从民间得的黄金,相对还是比较有 限。北京社科院一位工作者,在一九九年曾发表论文(网上可查, 武力)在广东一省,解放后在1950年一年里就收兑黄金七百四十余万两,他现在还在北京任职,也从未否认此数字的正确性,当然武先生也是引的广东省人民政 府统计资料。要否认也得是广东省人民政府来否认,是吗? 有些人,引解放后黄金年产量来驳武的论文的正确性,其实两个数字是无关的,广东一省,解放后在1950年一年里收兑的黄金是几千年底家财、近期海外侨汇和 难民带的细软(广州是一九四九年十月里才解放的)。就像日本战后最初两三年生产凋零,美国就片面不要小日本赔偿盟国, 包括欠中国的价值相当黄金一亿两以上的资金赔款,就像一个大家族,如三菱,就是失业关厂几年也不穷,藏在家里,海外 (如台独陈XX) ,墙壁里,地窖里或乡下,几代人都吃不完,当年应该请解放军去查日本民间的藏金,至少可以拿些从中国抢去的文物古董回来 ,而国民党的人不争气只想到打内战,搜刮民间财产也没效率,发行金元券全国也才收兑黄金一百五十万两,已包括在运到台湾的四百万两里面了。但要问的是,解 放初搜来的黄金都到那去了?援助朝鲜?援助越南?援助阿尔巴尼亚?向苏联买军火?发展经济 (1950-80)?二弹一星?半世纪了,档案应该公布了。 蒋介石运到台湾的黄金大部分用来稳定新台币 (约二百七十万两换回新台币作军饷),剩余一百三十万两还在台湾的文园金库, 当然也有几千两被私人拿去 (王惕吾先生拿黄金去办台湾的《联合报》及美国的子报《世界日报》) 这家报社现在经营有方,仅仅美国分报《世界日报》每年营利余一千五百万人民币以上 (汇回台湾母报近二百万美元一年),在台湾还有大批房产。是否应该还点钱给两岸中国人民?

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