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07/01/2018 No. 131
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Website Introduction  
This website aims at improving the Sino-U.S. relations and promoting peace between the mainland and Taiwan. It is published at a critical juncture in Chinese and American history when both countries can celebrate a fruitful mutual engagement, yet face some uncertainties for their long-term interactions.
It is run by the China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc., which was founded in Northern California in September 2006 by Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, a scholar, writer and media figure. The site will host monthly web publications by invited experts on major China-U.S. issues and related Taiwan topics. Forums and book publications are planned as the website further expands in the future.
New Articles  
07/01/2018   ‘America First’ policy undermining American soft power
By ejinsight
Ever since Donald Trump took office in January 2017, the United States has been withdrawing from several international agreements and groups.
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07/01/2018   Time US adjusted to new global reality
By Clifford A. Kiracofe
Trade frictions are straining relations between China and the United States. At the end of the day, however, relations are generally on track and constructive. But the world is changing and Washington's ability to adjust appropriately is in question.
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07/01/2018   Battle-lines drawn: A full-blown trade war between America and China looks likely
By The Economist
As Donald Trump threatens further tariffs on Chinese imports, the prospect of a deal is receding.
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In this publication, we offer 1) “Time US adjusted to new global reality” by Clifford A. Kiracofe; 2) “Battle-lines drawn: A full-blown trade war between America and China looks likely” by The Economist;“and 3) “‘America First’ policy undermining American soft power” by ejinsight.

In the Music Section, we have a female chorus singing “Song of the Red Bean” (【红豆词】):


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Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, President
China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc.
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