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07/01/2022 No. 181
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Website Introduction  
This website aims at improving the Sino-U.S. relations and promoting peace between the mainland and Taiwan. It is published at a critical juncture in Chinese and American history when both countries can celebrate a fruitful mutual engagement, yet face some uncertainties for their long-term interactions.
It is run by the China-U.S. Friendship Exchange, Inc., which was founded in Northern California in September 2006 by Dr. Sheng-Wei Wang, a scholar, writer and media figure. The site will host monthly web publications by invited experts on major China-U.S. issues and related Taiwan topics. Forums and book publications are planned as the website further expands in the future.
New Articles  
07/01/2022   Biden loses the inflation blame game
By David P. Goldman
There’s no inflation, and if there is inflation it’s temporary and it’s the fault of greedy oil companies or the fault of Vladimir Putin.
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07/01/2022   The Truth Behind Racist Attacks On Asian-Americans
By John F. Copper
Recently the incidences of racist attacks on Asians in the U.S. have noticeably increased. Why has this happened? Who is responsible?
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07/01/2022   Weighing America’s ‘repivot’ away from Asia
By Andrew Salmon
SEOUL – US President Joe Biden last week wrapped up the first Asia tour of his administration with trips to South Korea and Japan, where pro-US governments in both Seoul and Tokyo staunchly reiterated their commitment to their American alliances.
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In this publication, we offer 1) “The Truth Behind Racist Attacks On Asian-Americans” by John F. Copper; 2) Biden loses the inflation blame game by David P. Goldman; and 3) “Weighing America’s ‘repivot’ away from Asia” by Andrew Salmon.

In the Music Section, we have three Taiwanese melodies (台灣民謠組曲: 桃花過渡 雨夜花 高山青) and more:



2022 Zheng He International Forum & Academic Webinar






邀请函 Letter of Invitation


2022年国际郑和论坛线上学术研讨会拟定於723日举行。会议时间为2022723[北京时间07:00-19:00](GMT+08:00)(23rd July 2022)。本次论坛主题追寻宝船(Discovering Treasure Ship)特邀请国际上12位专家学者分享学术演讲,並展开学术交流,現特邀請您线上出席。本次论坛由马來西亞郑和研究中心(Zheng He Research Centre)主办,南京郑和研究会与美京华盛顿美洲郑和学会协办。







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